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CATALOG COPY: "Highly Recommended!"
by Russ Waterhouse

And thus this Here See label was born the week of 9/11/01, despite what the catalogs maysay. As the city burned, and efforts wasted on Weasels' crawling underground to nurse their wallets, brightlight police states bloomed in Brooklyn and brushed the darkness aside. So, uh, we can't have this ill-fated show under the bridge where fatigues smoke nervously? Fine. To the pizza palace where old man Charlie Charleston bellows words of wisdom, "...and less foot-pedal wankery, son. Be a man!" we go. Perhaps inspired by Stockhausen's popular favorite ("WTC Crumbles" - conceived and realized by The Arabs featuring Texas Teaman), two bona-fide Baltimore (where bullets rain on New Years) nutjobs cut and fold sticky plastic ugly orange sheets, then burn and cut their garbage sounds for posterity. Marginal? Douchebags weakly/weekly sucking Hrvatski's shitteat would prolly have you believing that, but HELLO, this Here is the best new electronicmusique label in the U.S. of fucking A, and it's less than 6 months old. See?

Nautical Almanac/Meerk Puffy - Tour CD/Handcut Record
(Here See CDR 00000)

#1 release: "It play on turntable, It play on CD player. It work both ways."
        Voices gurgle, loops know, Nalmanac. Direct-to-device fidelity reveals detail heretofore missing; I like (don't miss the roomtone nope). All remnants of SF Resident buggery cast aside. Best yet? (serious) And this Meeeerk Puffy wouldn't sound so outta place in a Disko B set. 4 to the floor + hothand claps = acid casualties shel tap their toes. Can't shake these Puffers outta my head. She with knitted skirt hiked high and mic stuck deep in knitted orifice, wailing like ignant suicide bombers clean shaven for Allah. Hopping mad. And this other knitted Brinkmandibles character patching C.o.C. house music all night long. Charlie Charleston's getting pissed (clean a pizzeria like a broccoli clean a colon). But really, who can drink when a brother's at war? (supposedly 50 copies, but write and See)

C. Ptak - Prepare Your Self (Here See CDR 00001)
#3 release: "All music played in real time on real instruments (mostly modified). No computers."
        Electronic musik 2002 = "I Care Because You Do"? Nope, 5 seconds in and that's not working. This one here is not like the others. Melodies crawl and howl and bite and scratch their way to the surface, gasping groaning and moaning all the while. Breathe easy. Repeat repeat chicken scratch violin (!) and electrobelches of every star and stripe (violently pulled back under right fast). Smollop estrogen guises; this ain't emo! Strictly clinical, subliminal, Lucky Kitchen-esque baking. Nice art on the CD itself - pretty colors. A#1 treatise on academical and pop electronic music gnarled and twisted, sister. 3-minute gems strewn about at random and held together by interior design.

James Twig Harper - Brain Wave 2000-2001 (Here See CDR 00002)
#2 release: "Thanks, this wouldn't exist without you guys."
        OK dirty, how _does_ one eat Ethiopian with no utensils? "Get down in there!" Bloated belly protest music. Big 'do labcoat broken western polyrhythm skullfuck peace folk core. Calloused finger (arm) and chipped tooth (mouth controller), degraded for the people. "Organic." Mudsound chopchop, not the mudsound Chop Shop. Not-ambient. There's a beat, there's a tone. Gone. Forensics Seymour Glass + Anne Eickelberg (TFUL282) + Rick Weldon (Little My) slice, stir thrice, and mail back the mice (cross-sections, frontal lobes). #5 (no titles) digs deep in the dome (Wrath of Kahn earslug scared me shitless no joke). Most NOISE of this soft batch. Solid. Mace in your face.


What led to the move from Chicago to Baltimore? How do the two compare? The main impetus for moving was that I needed more space to start my own cult. Financially speaking buying space in Chicago was way out of the question, so that was part of the original appeal of Baltimore. Now I have lots of work space, a library, an orgy couch and a third floor venue for the retarded, Tarantula Hill. Living in Chicago was okay – it had all the essentials needed to live a fulfilling life; but living in Baltimore is much juicier – I love it here. I think because it is easier to make a living people here are much quirkier and more down to earth, and i can relate to that. Also it is much easier to travel to other cities, which is a enormous benefit...
        Have you reopened the Mystery Spot store in Baltimore? No, it took up too much time to run a store. I really enjoyed doing it, but I wanted to be able to devote more time to music, travelling, and myself.
        What's in the future for the Here See label? Let’s look into the crystal ball of projects: right now I am finalizing Memorial Day 2000, a documentary party video. Twig, Chiara and I are also working on a split LP of poetry + electronics by the masters Nate Young and.Anthony Miller, a Power Animal cdr, a Neon Hunk cassette as well as The Spiders – a new band formed by two kids (6 and 8) in New Mexico. And of course Twig and I have been recording a new Nautical Almanac album which always takes a lot of work....Ideally I’m hoping this ‘label’ outlet can better help organize all of these amazing things+people that we run into and also help share these suspects with unsuspecting people. I guess that’s what all labels strive to do – basically get people excited about doing things. I just hope I can juggle this label thing and keep on steam rolling through all of my other projects... like fixing up my builidng and FREE TEXAS, a music festival in New Mexico that Chiara Giovando and I are planning this summer...
        Last five records listened to: "battlefield earth" (1981) l. ron hubbard, "drastic measures drastic movement" minny pops, "the guardian" little howlin’ wolf, katy red, "revolution of the mind" dan price
        Last movies seen: “lord of the rings” “my name is nobody” “king kong” (1932), “soul hustler” “naked prey”
        Last books read:
“the lucifer principle” howard bloom, “you are being lied to” , “motley crue: the dirt” “the syndic” c. m. kornbluth, “squeaky- the life and times of lynette fromme”
        Favorite recipes?
eggplant steaks, artichoke spinach dip
        Hobbies outside of music? anything new. currently video editing, floor refinishing, and interior conceptualizing.


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