issue 12  february/march/april 2002
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"Blastitude" is a word coined by Angus MacLise, original drummer of the Velvet Underground and quite possibly the coolest hippie of all time. (cf. track four of his posthumous CD release The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda, released by Siltbreeze/Quakebasket. Click HERE for immediate cf'ing.)

(or click on Angus)


Joe S. Harrington's Top 100 Albums
Part Two: #75-#51
Joe keeps countin' 'em down...this issue's installment is
so excitin' it's the lead story. Featuring Aerosmith, Sparks, Coltrane, Purple, the Grape, the Five, the Elevators, and of course.....many more.

The Chicago Improvisers Group
Paradoxically one of the most exciting and one of the most
low-key groups on the Chicago free/improv scene. With
comments from organizer Jeb Bishop.

Animal Disguise Recordings
Michigan keeps on blowing up...Nautical Almanac,
American Tapes, Hanson, and NOW THIS...

Rettman on Reissues
Music/life scribe Tony Rettman keeps on tellin' you
how to Live Like Burt Reynolds on a Mac
Davis Income.

Pangaea by Joe Johnston
A new writer to the Blastitude stable --
our third Joe! -- on the endlessly worthwhile
'electric period' of Miles Davis.

Record Reviews
* Temple of Bon Matin, Jorge Castro, Naturaliste, Ultra
Fuckers, Rob Denunzio, Onnyk, Soothing Sounds For
, Autodidact, Royal Trux, Taylor Savvy, Yeti
comp, Prince Tribute Album (CPsiP), Free 103 Point
9 Audio Dispatches 01-03, The Animal Collective,
** Jared Stanley on The Aislers Set, Happy Supply, and
John Cale; Dolman on Adult., Royal Trux, Milovan Srdenovic,
Gong, Wasteoid, Head East, The Curtains, Os Mutantes,
*** Blastitude shops Slippytown for The Screaming Mee-Mee's
& Hot Scott Fischer, Cigrism/Bunalimlar, No Neck Blues Band,
Pengo, Crawlspace, MC5, Sukora, Love Peace & Poetry (the
American bands), Armpit, Feminist Baseball zine; John
Ruhter on The Scientific Method, The Flying Luttenbachers,
Castro/Giffoni, Kangaroo Note, LUV ROKAMBO

Jack Jackson in Napa Valley
For the debut of his new Blastitude-exclusive travel/
culture/drinking column, one of Lincoln, Nebraska's premier
bon vivants, "a Mark Twain for our times" and the creator
of the beloved comic strip character "Koko", tells us about
a trip he took to that place where they make the wines.

Movie Page
Matt Silcock and Joe Krings aren't film
experts but that ain't stoppin' em.

Larry Dolman Live
Larry Dolman is an expert on everything.

New Sports Columnist!
Please welcome Christopher Dean Heine's
replacement. The interestingly-named __ ____
is a life-long resident of Minneapolis, where he is
not only a sports commentator, but a competitor
as well! Brad Sonder appears on this page too.

Mike Krings gives us a regional
report on one of today's top touring
rock entertainment acts. You actually will
know them by the trail of their dead.

Show Report
A few words about approximately .002%
of the shows that came to Chicago
in the last couple months.


Tapeworm! From Stamford, CT circa 1978. See
Tony Rettman's column this issue for more.


Photo from Music For The Gods: The Fahnestock South
Sea Expedition: Indonesia (
photo by Howard Kincheloe,
1941, Bali.) "Underlying Balinese cosmology and aesthetics is the concept of ramé (literally, "crowded"). Ramé indicates the heightened excitement one feels when experiencing coincident multiple layers of meaning, colors, sounds,
and events." That's cool, dude...but we call it



Today, January 16th, 2002, was visited due to the following google searches:

"michael jackson"
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"aphex twin selected ambient works 85-92 front back cover"
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"fireplace noise cd"
"naked on stage photos"

"horse tranquilizers in vietnam"

SWEET! Thanks google, keep sendin' 'em our way!

And now, here's all the search queries that have led people to blastitude over the last 15 days (May 1st, 2002):

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"damon suzuki"


BLASTITUDE is now a quarterly. Next issue will be on August 1st, which is Cary Loren's birthday, which is appropriate because he's going to be the guest editor. Cary was in Destroy All Monsters and is now in Monster Island and does a lot of real good art-type things in general. So don't miss it....
Comments, recommendations, complaints, submissions:
Any music/tapes/books/artifacts/records/documents for consideration should be mailed to Blastitude @ 2158 N. Mozart St. #2, Chicago, IL 60647

writer, editor, designer, collater: Larry "Fuzz-O" Dolman
Top 100 Albums by Joe S. Harrington
"Living Like Burt Reynolds On A Mac Davis Income" by Tony Rettman
"Fissuring the World Electric" by Joe Johnston
"Music For Neighbors" by Jared Stanley
"Record Reviews" by John Ruhter
"Letter From Napa" by Jack Jackson
Movie Reviews by Matt Silcock and Joe Krings
"Inklings and Musings" by Brad Sonder
Portrait of Brad Sonder by Michael French
"Liars Bring Truth To Lincoln" by Mike Krings

BLASTITUDE #12 © 2002
Published by Tiny Press







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