ISSUE 13   FALL 2002
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ANGELINA: (talking about cat) I like that.
ABBIE: She is huge.
ANGELINA: This is like her teenage years.
MAT: (talking about taping of Visible Jukebox interview) Ya gotta let me -- ya gotta dub me a tape of this when it's done. So I can release it.
LARRY: Yeah. Alright, I don't know how to do this. I'll just set that there. This is your first record! You know, The Wire magazine blindfold test? Just like that.

Mammal "We Are Real" CS, side one (ANIMAL DISGUISE)

MAT: Dude I'm so lost already. Sounds like...Slayer. That's gonna be my answer for everything, Slayer. Actually sounds like Nautical Almanac a little bit.
LARRY: It's a little more "on the One," though. There ya go. Neosporin.
ABBIE: Bacitracin. You're not supposed to put Neosporin on it, and I'm not exactly sure why, but for some reason they heal differently. Um...they don't heal too good.
ANGELINA: (to Larry, about futon) Oh my god, Dolman, look, this isn't right.
LARRY: (to Angelina, about futon) It's never right.
ANGELINA: (sighs)
LARRY: (to Angelina, about futon) It's terrible.
ABBIE: (to Mat) Did you get new injuries tonight?
MAT: (to Abbie, about injuries) Probably, this leg's all bloody now. ABBIE: It's not all bloody, look.
MAT: No, this leg's all bloody.
ABBIE: Oh, I see it.
ANGELINA: (to all, about futon) How'd we get it to work? It's totally wasted, like, look at that!
MAT: (shuts off tape, resumed seconds later with conversation in progress about Black Dice)
MAT: Jealous! Because they're so huge...
LARRY: Yeah. Yeah.
MAT: And I was doin' the same thing they're doin' now five years ago.
LARRY: Yeah, a lot of people were.
MAT: Yeah, and they're huge, and I'm fuckin'...
LARRY: They're like turnin' into Flies Inside The Sun.
MAT: Wolf Eyes is supposed to do a record for Troubleman too.
LARRY: Really?
MAT: They're supposed to do a ten inch.
LARRY: Troubleman's signin' up everybody.
MAT: I guess Mike's the...the impression I get of Mike is that he's the kinda guy that if it'll sell, he'll put it out...but now all of a sudden he's more diverse. He did like the Orthrelm record and he did a Luttenbachers record.
ABBIE: (to Angelina): How old are your cats?
ANGELINA: Um... (she goes on to explain while the boys continue their music conversation)
MAT: He's gettin' a little more open-minded maybe.
ANGELINA: he's like six months...
LARRY: Yeah. Well, he's seemed pretty open-minded. Seems like he's basically puttin' out everybody who' an emo band.
MAT: That's good!
LARRY: He's tryin' out to put out every single band left that's not an emo band. He's tryin' to get 'em all. He's like the ESP Disk of [non-emo]. (laughter)
ABBIE: (to Angelina) Our middle cat is probably about...I don't or eight, maybe nine, and then our biggest cat just turned a year old.
ANGELINA: (to Abbie) Oh, that's awesome.
ABBIE: He is adorable but he just terrorizes other cats, and attacks them relentlessly! [she continues while the boys continue their music conversation]
MAT: Yeah, I have to send you the CDR of our fake hardcore band that me and Keith have.
LARRY: I'd Gonna Stab You With My Fucking Knife?
MAT: No, I'd Like To Stab You In The Fucking Eye!
LARRY: I'd Like To Stab You In The Fucking Eye!
MAT: We only ended up playing two shows. The whole shtick of it was...
LARRY: It's done? It's over?
MAT: Yeah, it's over. We wore all black.
ABBIE: (to Angelina, in progress) ...that's the thing, is our cats are terrible to each other! Just fight all the time... [...]
MAT: I played guitar, Keith played saxophone, we had a keyboardist and a drummer. We all played through distortion pedals and distortion pedals only. I played through like six. And like the schtick was to like show up late to every show, so we could play later on the bill. We set up in the middle of the floor...
ABBIE: (to Angelina) ... leopard...[unintelligible) giant mittens...
MAT: All the lights had to be out and we had a skull-shaped strobelight that we'd have in the middle of us and we'd all face each other. We wouldn't watch any of the other bands. If anybody asked us if we liked music or liked hardcore or anything we were like, "No, we don't listen to music, we just paint, read poetry, and history."
LARRY: [laughs]
MAT: We'd like play ignorant to the hardcore scene. We played two shows. We played once in Manhattan on a rooftop. And the show was broadcast live on public access television. We played with The Haters. And that was a tough show 'cause like we showed up and like all these people we knew were there and we pretended we didn't know them.
LARRY: It backfired.
MAT: And like, Neon Hunk played, yeah, Neon Hunk played; we didn't even watch them. We didn't watch The Haters. We played about three songs, I jumped into the drum set, our drummer grabbed the drum set, threw it across the roof, got in a fetal position, and started crying.
ABBIE: What?!
MAT: Then like the next day I went...
LARRY: Was it emo?
MAT: I guess! We were just like tough hardcore. We didn't even have songs, we just had cues for the beginnings and ends of songs, and like all our songs were like a minute long. And then, then I went up to Toronto and played a Newton show with Neon Hunk in Toronto, and then I met up with those guys in like a suburb in Providence, and we showed up to the show four hours late! We walk in, and they're like, they didn't even want us to play. It was like, total basketball jersey wearing hardcore band show. We get there and they're like, "Alright, you guys can play. Next." We're like "Alright, cool." And our keyboardist's dad came to the show, and he was going around telling people he was our manager! And uh...they gave us like free sodas, I'm drinkin' like two sips and throwin' em against the wall! And uh, Aaron's dad, our keyboardist, he was like smokin' cigarettes and drinkin' beer in like the basement of this church. And this kid comes in, one of the kids that was workin' the door, he's like "You can't smoke in here." And Aaron's dad was like, "Yeah, that's alright. Okay." Just keeps smokin', keeps talkin' to all of us, and he comes back in, and he's like "I told you you can't smoke in here," and he's like "Dude! We're having a moment." So then we started playing, and like got two songs into the set. Somebody turns the lights on. Keith freaks out, throws his saxophone down, starts marching around, pushing people out of the way, to like, turn the lights out again. Turns the lights out, we start playin' again, I'm playin' guitar, I'm gettin' like as close as you and me are, to like, this kid. He jumps up, punches me in the face, and then like three or four kids start kickin' me and punchin' me. One kid grabs my guitar and he's like "Here's your guitar!!" Smashes it on the ground and breaks it into eight pieces! Meanwhile the whole band, the rest of the band, is like still playing. The lights come on, everybody breaks it up. So then I like push my way through the crowd and I go up to the kid and I'm like "Dude, I'm sorry. I was just playing how I felt. I was playing from in here." And another kid socks me in the face, and like we have video of it, and another kid starts runnin' up with like his fist clenched, and like this whole like riot started. Meanwhile the rest of the band's still playing, so like I get up off the floor and I unplug all our amps and everything just stops and our drummer just keeps playin' for like 10 more minutes. And like the guy who put on the show refused to pay us. So like all these kids that thought we were awesome like chipped in money to pay us, and then like this one girl comes and she's like, "You really don't listen to music?? I will make you a mix tape of bands you would like!" And it was like totally exactly what we wanted to happen.
LARRY: Yeah. Perfect. That was the second and last show?
MAT: Yeah, we were just like basking in the greatness of what we had accomplished. And like when we left, we were like, everybody was like "Aw, we have to take Mat to the hospital, his leg's bleeding real bad."
LARRY: That was your excuse to get out.
MAT: But then like two weeks later a band we were friends with came on tour and played there, and kids were still talkin' shit on us, they were like, "Aw, I'd Like To Stab You In The Fucking Eye, those guys suck." And they're like, "No, no, no, they're the nicest guys. It's just an artistic joke." So we were like, fuck, the joke's ruined.
LARRY: They outed you.
MAT: Yeah, so we decided never to do it again. But that was like how Lotus came about.
LARRY: That was in Providence?
MAT: Well, it was like a suburb of Providence. But like that was how Lotus came about cuz me and Keith needed an excuse to wear the all-black clothes that we had bought. And when we played the show in New York, these Polish guys who book a lot of shows in New York came, and they were like "Oh, you guys are awesome! We are booking next week for Lotus! They are from San Diego! We're doing a show for them on the boat! The Lotus!!!"
LARRY: "The Lotus!"
MAT: Yeah! So me and Keith are like, "The Lotus??? We gotta start a band called The Lotus!" We just thought it was so fuckin' funny. [The Polish guys were talking about The Locust but incorrectly referring to them as The Lotus. In case you didn't get it. -- L."F".D.] It was great. But I'd Like To Stab You In The Fucking Eye was so much fun. Cuz we just got to be the biggest pretentious pricks.
LARRY: Sounds like And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Our Dead.
MAT: Yeah, except I think those guys are serious.
LARRY: Those guys are lame as hell.
ABBIE: I kinda like 'em.
LARRY: Oh you do?
ABBIE: A little bit.
MAT: I don't think I ever saw 'em. Oh, I saw them once and they put a hole in the roof of the Khyber.
LARRY: I just saw 'em at the Empty Bottle and it just seemed like, I don't know...
ABBIE: I've never seen' em live.
LARRY: Yeah. I've heard an album by 'em that I enjoyed, I mean...
ABBIE: Yeah.
LARRY: I didn't listen to it too close...
ABBIE: Yeah, our idea...I forget his name, Andrew, and Tim, their idea for a name that sounds kinda similar to that is And They Stopped Beating Him When His Glasses Were Covered In A Thin Red Mist. That was their's.
LARRY: Whose idea was that?
ABBIE: Oh, some friends of mine in Boston.
MAT: Those guys are awesome. But the name of the I'd Like To Stab You In The Fucking Eye record was I'd Like To Stab You In the Fucking Eye Because I Feel It Might Smash Some Sense Into That Thick Skull Of Yours. That was good times.
LARRY: Yeah.
MAT: But no more. Would've been a great tattoo too.
LARRY: Yeah. A wraparound.
MAT: And the cover of the record just had like...a guy getting stabbed in the eye with a pencil. I'll have to send you a copy of it.
ABBIE: Should've gotten that tattoo.
MAT: I still might.
LARRY: Maybe I'll get that one.
ANGELINA: I think I'm going to bed.
MAT: She's going to bed!
ANGELINA: I'm so embarrassed.
LARRY: About how lame you are? How you don't party? You never party anymore, Anj.
ANGELINA: I've got water in the bedroom.
LARRY: You're not the woman I married!
ANGELINA: Oh, sorry.
MAT: That's stayin' in the interview! Her leavin' and not partyin'. And then Dolman going "You're not the woman I married!"
LARRY: And then that's staying in the interview. You repeating the scene. We can turn this off, you know.
MAT: No, this is great. I love this.
LARRY: See, once it get's goin'...
MAT: We'll have like a forty page interview!
LARRY: It's time for the next record.
MAT: Oh, all right. I'm gonna fail miserably.
ABBIE: [to Angelina, in progress] ...kept tryin' to lick my eyes when I was tryin' to sleep, and I would get the worst allergic reactions, wake up and my eyes would be swollen shut and the cat would just be like...
MAT: Whoever poured Jack Daniels on me, it made my hair in the back all sticky.
ABBIE: Oh, that girl, yeah...
ANGELINA: So what'd you think of the de-pants-ing lady.
MAT: The girl who tried to take off my pants?
ABBIE: No, she also like grabbed the camera and was like "Look at his...!" and was tryin' to like make me zoom in on your penis.
MAT: I don't know, it was kinda cool!
ABBIE: Audience interaction.
MAT: Yeah, I like audience interaction. The first show we played on tour there was like six or seven kids in their underwear. Like dancing around. And it was a city we do well in and they all knew the words to the old songs from the first CD-R, it was great.
LARRY: Lotus?
MAT: Yeah.
LARRY: Which city?
MAT: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.
LARRY: Never heard of it. No, I have, but I've never heard of a show there.
MAT: Oh yeah. We played there like three or four...we played our first show there! It's a good town for us.
LARRY: Next selection.

Fela Kuti "Original Sufferhead"

ANGELINA: Okay, I'm goin' to bed.
ABBIE: Good night!
ANGELINA: You guys have fun, and rest up.
LARRY: Yeah, we'll see you at breakfast.
MAT: (to Angelina) Thank you!
ANGELINA: 9 o'clock. I'll set the alarm.
ABBIE: Where's the bathroom, by the way?
ABBIE: Okay, cool.
ANGELINA: Help yourself to anything in the fridge.
LARRY: That's true, yeah.
ANGELINA:, food....yogurt. Are you guys hungry?
MAT: Right now? A little.
ANGELINA: There's some like meatloaf. I don't know if you're vegetarian.
ABBIE: I'm vegetarian.
MAT: I'm not, but I've never eaten meatloaf in my life.
ANGELINA: It's turkeyloaf.
LARRY: It's turkeyloaf.
ABBIE: That's what my mom makes.
ANGELINA: It's pretty good, it's got green peppers and corn...
LARRY: It's a good halfway --
MAT: Alright, what we're listening to right the rare, hard to find, and unreleased Lou Reed with Quasi.
LARRY: Lou Reed with Quasi. Available only at Dusty Groove. In Chicago.
MAT: I don't even's probably like a super bootleg.
ABBIE: [to Angelina] Good night!
MAT: What is it really?
LARRY: This is Fela Kuti. Fela Anikuppatulooloo Kuli. Kuti. Yeah. He's from Nigeria.
MAT: I don't know if I'd ever be able to get this.
LARRY: To get into this?
MAT: No, no! That I would've been able to guess it. I'm just waiting for you to play something that I put out, and I'll be like...
LARRY: "This is rad! What is this?"
MAT: No, I'll be like "I don't know what this is!" And then feel like even more of an idiot.
LARRY: I have no idea what's next.
MAT: Oh, awesome. So you can guess too.
LARRY: So I'll go get it. I'll go put it on.

[after a long stretch of Fela, Mat starts making 'sound compositions' with the recorder]

MAT: That was the musical interlude.
ABBIE: [coughs loudly] How was that?
MAT: Nice.
ABBIE: I just actually had to cough.
MAT: Yeah, I have to dub this for the new Newton record.
ABBIE: Leave my cough in.
LARRY: That'll be your credit. "Cough."
MAT: No, she's been on a couple records.
ABBIE: Yeah.
MAT: She played with us on the Phi tour.
LARRY: Yeah?


Blue Oyster Cult "She's As Beautiful As A Foot"

MAT: This is, uh, this is supposed to be the new band featuring members of the Make Up, Scene Cream.
LARRY: Scene Cream? That's the name of the band? You're right.
MAT: Yes!!!
ABBIE: Good job, Mat!
MAT: Is it really?
LARRY: No, this is Blue Oyster Cult.
ABBIE: Hah hah...
LARRY: First album. 1970. "She's As Beautiful As A Foot."
MAT: We fuckin' listened to that in Rochester.
ABBIE: Yeah, we did.
MAT: Can't believe it.
LARRY: The first album?
MAT: Yeah.
LARRY: Who played that one? Spun that one?
MAT: John.
LARRY: John Schoen?
MAT: Pengo. Yeah. Guy's fuckin' nuts.
LARRY: He's a nice guy.
ABBIE: He is.
MAT: They...when they played their set they showed an old filmstrip...
ABBIE: That was brilliant.
MAT: ...about teaching retarded kids sex education. Sex education for trainables.
LARRY: For what?
ABBIE: They called 'em trainables.
MAT: They wouldn't call 'em retards. They called 'em trainables.
LARRY: "Trainables."
ABBIE: They did refer to them as retarded later in the movie.
MAT: And uh, it was very disturbing.
LARRY: Yeah?
MAT: And they played on top of it.
LARRY: Did they have the sounds goin' through? From the film?
MAT: Yeah. It was just wrong.
LARRY: They played at the Empty Bottle at a Freedom From show, a couple... I don't know, January. They played like 7 minutes. And it was good, but I mean they could've played at least 20, ya know?
MAT: Pengo is [body language for good]...
LARRY: No Doctors played for like 85 minutes that night.
MAT: I've never seen them.
LARRY: No Doctors...are incredible.
MAT: That's what I heard. We tried to get 'em for this show but they said they were too busy.
LARRY: Yeah. I don't know. They...I mean I've seen...every show is great, but they play too long. Like 85 minutes is too long, for any band.
ABBIE: That is too long. Yeah. When I saw Frank Black he played for like three hours.
LARRY: Yeah, exactly.
ABBIE: I was like "Play the Pixies, and then I can go."
MAT: Did he have an opening act?
MAT: Cuz me and Joe Genaro went to see Ween once. No opening act...
LARRY: They play like four hours.
MAT: They did! And I fell asleep standing up.
ABBIE: Yeah, I was like, "I love you, but I can't listen to this for that long."
MAT: There's probably only one band I could probably sit through like a five-hour set.
ABBIE: Very few bands. If it was the Pixies I could've done it.

Screamin' Mee-Mee's and Hot Scott Fischer "I Am Nothing"

MAT: Is this the next record?
LARRY: Yeah. I've got it on shuffle. This is really loud, though. This is a good one, though. I'll go turn it down.
ABBIE: Could you pass me that water?
MAT: Water?
ABBIE: Yeah.
MAT: Hmm. Pink & Brown?
LARRY: No, this is actually...I'll give you hints. This is twenty...eight years earlier than Pink & Brown. Twenty-five years earlier.
MAT: Oh man...
LARRY: Isn't that beautiful?
MAT: 25 years earlier than Pink & Brown.
LARRY: Well, more...actually it is about 28 years older than Pink & Brown. 1973.
MAT: Dude, it's gotta be fuckin'......Ringo Starr. What is it???
LARRY: This is the Screamin' Mee-Mee's. With Hot Scott Fischer. Recorded in St. Louis, Missouri.
MAT: Hello, cat.
ABBIE: Jeez, Mat, you're faring too well.
LARRY: Yeah...
MAT: Yeah, well...
LARRY: I could play some easier records.
ABBIE: That's true, you could.
MAT: Well, that is funny.
LARRY: Fela. Blue Oyster Cult, they were in the top ten.
ABBIE: Yeah...
LARRY: Not that song, though.
MAT: Pink & Brown...I hear the influence there...
LARRY: See, that's a good point you make.
MAT: Well, I heard guitar, I heard drums, then I held out a little bit because I wanted to see if there were any other instruments first.
LARRY: It's just three guys. Sounds like two. The Coachwhips are playing tomorrow night.
MAT: We're playin' with 'em in Madison the next night. Man, that's gonna be a killer show. Thrones are playing that show too.
LARRY: In Madison?
MAT: No, the one tomorrow night here. Yeah, we missed Orthrelm and Thrones by like a day.
ABBIE: Can I use the shower? I'm having a really bad allergic reaction.
LARRY: Is it the cats?
ABBIE: Yeah.
LARRY: Would an open window help?
ABBIE: No, I just took allergy meds, I need to just, like, wash cat off of me. I love cats, I'm just so bad with them.
LARRY: That's too bad.
I'm good with my cats, and then I get around new cats, and....
MAT: Hey before you take a shower can I pee?
ABBIE: Yeah, go ahead.
LARRY: This place is kind of bad for allergies because of the wood floors, I think.
ABBIE: Mat, go pee quick please, 'cause like...
MAT: This is the bathroom?
ALL: Yeah.

(Mat takes recorder into bathroom. He doesn't pee for a very long time. The flush sounds nice.)

MAT: I don't know if it makes any difference, but I put the speed all the way up when I peed.
LARRY: That's great, man. Actually, I'm gonna do that too.
MAT: Here, take this with you.

(Larry takes recorder into bathroom. His pee is longer than Mat's, and noticeably louder. He also shakes for a longer time. Neither Mat or Larry wash hands.)

LARRY: It's all yours.
MAT: Good luck. Wash your feet!
ABBIE: Do you have a towel?
LARRY: Yeah, there's a bunch to your right...
ABBIE: Okay.
LARRY: Next track.
MAT: Yeah, let's do it, I'm ready. Try something more current. Surprise me, though.

(Mat does a fine mouth improv during the interim.)


Laundryroom Squelchers "10 mon - Cleveland OH (Speak in Tongues"

MAT: Alright...
LARRY: Current.
MAT: This is Reynols covering the A-side of Ride a Dove.
LARRY: That's surprisingly close. I'm not gonna tell you yet though. Okay, hint: you know these people personally. Hint: you might be on this recording. You might be playing right now.
MAT: Squelchers?
LARRY: Yeah.
MAT: What show is it?
LARRY: Yeah, that's a good question. (goes and looks) It's this thing...Track 11.
MAT: No, dude, I wasn't on this one I don't think.
LARRY: Are you on this [album]?
MAT: Yeah, I think so. But I forget which sets I did.
LARRY: It's got like September 11th on there. Which actually rules, that track rules. Like, I was just listening to it, not paying attention, and this one track, I was like, "Goddamn, they're just wailin' tonight," and I looked it up and it was September 11th.
MAT: That was, uh...Azita Flytrap played that show.
LARRY: Yeah. It was at the Fireside. Temple of Bon Matin played!
MAT: Ed lives right near me. He's a freak.
LARRY: Is he?
MAT: In a good way.
LARRY: In a good way. Seems like a good guy but I don't know him.
MAT: He's kinda out there too.
CAT: Rrraahhheeughghgh!
MAT: Hey, play nice, guys...
LARRY: That is nice. It's just exercise.
MAT: Awww, give each other a kiss.
CAT: Rrrraahhhgghhh!
MAT: Oh shit!
LARRY: Actually, that's gettin' a little wild. But, see the tails? That means they're relaxed. Their tails get all puffy when they're freaked out.
MAT: It's the Squelchers, man, just inhibits violence.
LARRY: Their show at the Bottle was kinda flat.
MAT: Well, they've been on tour for awhile.
LARRY: It wasn't really their fault. There was like ten people watchin' 'em.
MAT: Their Providence show, there wasn't a lot of people, but their set was just sick. Cuz they had Brian Chippendale from Lightning Bolt on drums, so that kinda like added to it. And then when they were done, they did an encore, which is very unexpected of them, but like when the Squelchers were finished Brian Chippendale just wouldn't stop playing, so then Rat came out with that, uh...
LARRY: He never stops playing!
MAT: You know that, it's like...
LARRY: Guitar without a neck?
MAT: Guitar without a neck, yeah. He came back out and played that with Chippendale, and I dubbed it Lightning Rat.
LARRY: Lightning Rat.
MAT: Yeah, I'm gonna release it on CDR.
LARRY: You got permission?
MAT: Fuck that. Rat was like "whatever dude." And I told Chippendale he should just release a solo album with him playing drums and screaming vocals into a distortion pedal.
LARRY: He did an imitation of the movie Fast & Furious in Chicago, while the bass amp was getting re-fused or whatever.
MAT: That band is so good.
LARRY: They really are.
MAT: So loud.
LARRY: I don't know. They were so incredible in Chicago. They're playing here again on July 7th.
MAT: Yeah, for the Oops! tour. That's gonna be fuckin'...that tour's gonna be insane.
LARRY: They'll probably sell out the Fireside. I don't even know if the Fireside does sell out.
MAT: Well I think the main tour is The Locust...
LARRY: The Locust is the next night, actually. They're playing separate nigths.
MAT: Oh. The impression I was under was that the whole tour was them, Arab on Radar, and Lightning Bolt.
LARRY: Yeah. It could be that the Reader was clueless and put it that way. Maybe they're playing two nights at the Fireside, with the whole tour. Which they could, I think.
MAT: Maybe. Well, I know that Luttenbachers are doing some of the dates, Wolf Eyes are doing some of the dates, the Get Hustle -- have you heard them? Did you ever listen to Antioch Arrow?
LARRY: Yeah.
MAT: It's three of the members of that, but, like, the drummer just plays drums, but then like, the guy who played bass in Antioch Arrow and one of the guitarists, they play keyboards and like organ, and they have a girl vocalist, and it's like her vocals are kinda like female Frank Sinatra on crack. It's really, really good stuff. They probably have the best track on that Queen tribute album.
LARRY: Who put that out?
MAT: 31G. Justin from The Locust. Weasel does "Bohemian Rhapsody" by himself. It's a pretty hot track. It's a good mix of bands, too, 'cause then they have like Backstreet Noize does one, and it's so discernable, what the hell they're doing.
LARRY: Have you heard the Prince comp, on Celebrate Psi Phenomenon?
MAT: No.
LARRY: I should've played that, that should've been the next record.
MAT: I wanted to get -- I didn't get to talk to the Panicsville guys, 'cause they did that B-52's tribute. I don't know if it's out. Tomorrow, John Vance is playing, and apparently he's doing all David Bowie remixes.
LARRY: I read that. I didn't know if that was an MSG joke, or the real thing.
MAT: I hope it's the real thing.
LARRY: Yeah. It very well could be.
MAT: You never know.
LARRY: I saw him play not too long ago and it was really good.
MAT: Who, Vance?
LARRY: Yeah. CansaFis from No Doctors joined him.
MAT: When we played SubZero fest this year, I did a set by myself, and then me and Vance played with Cock ESP. And, all Cock ESP did for their set was, Emil and Bacon arm-wrestled and then both of them just screamed into microphones with Elyse, and me and Vance provided all the noise. It was a lot of fun. The first time I ever saw Cock ESP it changed my fuckin' life, man. I saw 'em at the Knitting Factory opening for Thurston Moore. We get there, and the guy I was with was, "Dude, I'm gonna go take a piss." Cock ESP came out and played, were off the stage, he comes back, "The band play yet? They done settin' up?" I'm like, "Dude, you just missed their whole set." And it's on that No Disrespect video.
LARRY: Yeah, I've got that.
MAT: Yeah. If you see the footage, like, I'm leaning against the P.A. speaker. Right before the camera breaks.
LARRY: I'll watch for that.
MAT: I'm wearing a goofy hat. And pretty recently I got some Cock ESP tape, and you fuckin' recorded it.
LARRY: Yeah.
MAT: I was like, "I know that guy!"
LARRY: I think it's this one, right? 'Cause I recorded their thing on here.
MAT: No, it was like an audio tape.
LARRY: Was it their Cock Soup single? It was a tour-only cassette single?
MAT: Maybe. You know what I think it was, I think it was the You Know What They Say About Guys With Short Sets.
LARRY: I didn't record that. I've got that.
MAT: It was something. It was from Lincoln, and it was audio.
LARRY: It might've been the audio from this.
MAT: Yeah, that could be.
LARRY: Was there a band that played first? 'Cause they like hijacked a set by Pablo's Triangle.
MAT: Now I'm gonna have to think about it. Or like go home and listen to it and come right back!
LARRY: How much longer are you on the road?
MAT: Another eight days, I think. What's today, Friday?
LARRY: Yeah.
MAT: So we have this weekend, the rest of next week and the following weekend. And our last show is probably the most ridiculous show we're gonna play. You ever heard of the Dischord band Q And Not U? We're playing a house show with them in Baltimore. I don't even know how we got on the bill, and Keith's gonna actually come to that show.
LARRY: Those are the kind of bills you guys should be on. Fuck these No Wave...
MAT: Well, I know the week we get back we're playing Philly with Quintron, The Gossip, the band on Kill Rock Stars, and the Chromatics, which is members of The Blood Brothers. That should be an interestingly diverse show.
ABBIE: It was a little too late to save my eye, but where do you want me to put the towel?
LARRY: I'll take it.
MAT: Aw, man, that shirt rules.
ABBIE: Uh huh.
MAT: Ya alright? So I guess you won't be driving tomorrow?
ABBIE: It should be okay tomorrow. I really cleaned it out.
MAT: I forgot to tell you, I like the moustache.
LARRY: Thank you.


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