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"Blastitude" is a word coined by Angus MacLise, original drummer of the Velvet Underground and quite possibly the coolest hippie of all time. (cf. track four of his posthumous CD release The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda, released by Siltbreeze/Quakebasket. Click HERE for immediate cf'ing.)

(or just click on Angus)

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Blastitude is fumgawgious and should be framed or put inside one of them ox yokes hanging on the wall at the Watering Hole. Glad to be some sick, less-inspired part of it all. Almost got the hillbilly shit column done. I'm calling it LAST NIGHT'S DEVIL. Have some reviews to boot. I'll get those and another jagged installment of THINGS TO COME, ELEPHANT BOY to you next week so you'll have it to ponder for a month. My 24 hour horror ghoul-a-go-go-gathon is November 5. I know, it's after horror day but I promise to keep the decorations up. It's at our new place: 1821 F Street. Films include: Let Sleeping Corpses Lie, Devil Doll, The Mask (3D), The Beyond, The Hypnotic Eye, Pin: A Plastic Nightmare, Demon Seed, Fiend Without A Face, Strait Jacket, From Beyond, The Flesh Eaters, Scream of Fear, Castle of the Walking Dead, The Baby, Paranoiac, Night Watch, some classroom drug scare films, some 60s garage/psych music videos and, of course, some trailers.

See you tonight,

my main gripe is that tomasin seems to have one beat and one vocal line - i mean, shit, the shaggs switched up once in a while.  the _minecxio_ 7" had some nice moments, though, where the two sides of the band collided however briefly.
They played an amazing show in Omaha a few months ago. Miguel 'appeared' via a cdr of his vocals and drumming that they played through a guitar amp. It sounded pretty good--vocal chants w/trance-drumming that actually reminded me of Can more than anything else. But the show was basically just a deep, deep, DEEP 30-minute two-gtr drone complete with spooky interpretive dancing.
interesting.  it's a damn shame i missed it.  and every other show in the past 2 years.  fucking JOB.  i am going to see acid mother's temple, though, and probably blow my cash at the merchandise table.  "i'll take one copy of _kawabata makoto passes wind & solo electronics, vol. 5_ and a naked japanese girl collapsible cup, please."

say, when reynols played, did you happen to notice what the hell they were using to get their guitar sound?  i think there's some computer manipulation going on on _eating an estufa_ and of course the hated _blank tapes_ releases.  just wondering if the live shit sounded the same.

    Anyway, where YOU at?

in the front, in the back.

actually, i was just trying to see if you had ever got my reply email from several months ago.  and whatnot.

it's all about the black dice in the year 2G.


Interestingly enough Varg "Greven" Vikernes (Burzum etc and the guy who killed his fellow band member by stabbing him some 150 times), is now a self-proclaimed "nationalist" and recent photographs I've seen give the impression he's trying real hard to look like Hitler. A couple of years ago his mother was charged with some sort of conspiracy to get a neo-nazi unit to break him out of prison. I believe he's currently trying to make parole.

Norwegian nationalists can be pro-Hitler because Hitler really only had the best interest of our precious bodily, err...aryan genepool at heart. And Vikernes is apparently quite intelligent and certainly no half-wit, questionable political opinions don't equal stupidity. And if it did, I'd say the stupidity of oh, 49% of the American people would be a much bigger problem than a bunch of Norwegian kids who's misunderstood their Nietzsche. Anyway, as you may or may not know I'm from Norway myself and I remember the church burnings and I remember my dad (who's involved in church-like activities) being part of a night-watch programme at his local church after someone torched another church about 15 minutes from my parents' house. I can't take the black-metal people seriously and find them handy for jokes. Nutters like Vikernes are all part of the rock and roll myth, he's like our own Nordic Charlie Manson, and yes, I love him for it. A spoonful of comedy makes the tragedy go down and so on. But I certainly don't find his actions acceptable in any way and although I'm no big fan of the prison symstem, people like Greven probably are best kept locked up. (Posted to Drone-On by Erlend Hammer.)

Hey Larry,
Here's the master tape for Naturaliste's "performs LVD31" ("au revoir...acid hell fuck" was vetoed by our bass player Eric). I'm sorry it took so long. Hope you like it because I'm not sure it's any good at all.
      The release should have four tracks. Tracks 1-3 are the first three songs on side one of the tape. Track #4 is the second song on the second side of the tape (it's the piece we performed at the Reynols show). Track 2 could certainly use a boost in levels if that's possible.
      We played at Shock over the weekend, doing a cover of Sister Ray. It was quite fun; however, I had over $1000 of equipment ripped off over the weekend also, pretty much every piece of musical equipment I own except for a couple guitars. I'm hoping that homeowner's insurance should cover most of it.
      Best wishes, I'll talk to you later,
         Lonnie Methe

Anyway job etc is going fine. I am moving on Thursday which is good as my flatmate has turned into a not very nice man. Will let you all know the address as soon as I know it in case you are all going to write to me (yeah right!!!). Anyway I am off to Prague with my lovely kiwi friend Nicola on Thursday. Am very excited as it is supposed to be one of the coolest cities in Europe. Will be very yucky weather though which is not great but beer is only 20p a pint!!! Have got some new thermal singlets and socks from my grand ma so am all set for the cold. It has been raining here so much that today there were 90 flood warnings around the country. hundreds of people have been evacuated and some killed!! it is craziness!! Not sure what I am doing for xmas and New Years yet but am keeping my options open. The chance of somewhere sunny is out of the question so I am now going for wet, windy and rainy!!! Great!! Anyway will write to you all separately soon. Loads of love Catherine xxx

The subway series was cool. The excitement in the city was tingling for a baseball guy like meself. But it should've been called the Limo Series. Listen to this, only 5,000 tickets per game were sold to the general public. The other 45,000 were automatically reserved -- like the instinct of covering your nose when you're about to sneeze -- for rich fucks and celebrities. The beautiful people got their base


while the real fans got chin music.

Joe is doing well. He has a job, only pays like 7 bucks an hour though, at a good production joint where he could move up over time. He might take a different gig that's been offered to him. It pays better, but the work there isn't as interesting. Tough decision. I'm finding my own place and he's going to move into my room.

In my 28 years, I've never lived alone. My time has come.

BLASTITUDE will be published on the 23rd of each month...or every other month. We're not sure yet. If we go monthly, some issues may be kinda slight, but back issues will always remain online. Since the 'fast-paced' web isn't supposed to be for reading, and Blastitude offers lots of reading, it might take you two months to get through all this bullcrap anyhow. Either way, thanks for blasting in. (If this is cyberspace, rather than, um, the cybersea shouldn't we be 'blasting' around the internet, like in rockets or spaceships, instead of 'surfing' the net?)
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Cologne (Koln), Germany: "one of the more vibrating cities of music"--Franz de Waard, Vital Weekly #248,,

19th Century Cologne (Koln) Germany (Deutschland)
Cologne in 1971, right when some of that prime Can shit was coming out...



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