Blastitude Number Seven
       issue 7 april 2001


"Blastitude" is a word coined by Angus MacLise, original drummer of the Velvet Underground and quite possibly the coolest hippie of all time. (cf. track four of his posthumous CD release The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda, released by Siltbreeze/Quakebasket. Click HERE for immediate cf'ing.)

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Blastitude #7.



i try not to get too personal with reviews, y'know, and god knows i've released plenty of shitty records myself... alas, i often fail the restraint test. i just find certain olde paradigms woefully fatigued these daze ("free jazz," "improv," "noise," etc.), and i feel compelled to be the small, dark native at the front of the safari path, cutting away the underbrush with an old copy of creem, the blood of a nitsch-slaughtered bull coagulating under my toenails. (i kinda hate cd-r's as "legit" release vectors too.) but, please, forgive my impertinence. i'm sure you love what you do, or else you wouldn't do it. i'm very pleased to hear from you, and again, congratz on blastitude. a fine effort indeed! i'm quite well, lawrence. kinda happy these days, preparing for the new euro adventure (mein neue gruppe "ohne" feat. dave phillips from r&g, et. al., und myself) - we're touring beginning in october. otherwise, trying to make my bananafish deadline, and wrapping up production of the sightings album. hope things are well. yrz, tom
The AMM show was pretty excellent, though surprising...for being a trio for the last 30 years, they had a hell of a time settling into a groove that night! The Keith Rowe solo show on Saturday, on the other hand, was totally AMAZING! Really beautiful, wonderful, great guy, so little ego. Among the quotes of the evening from Keef: "If you feel like you have to get up and walk around, go outside for a bit during this show, feel free," (hmmm, guess that puts the "don't move, don't talk" mantle on Mr. Prevost?), "Don't feel you have to applaud when this is don't applaud a truck going by when you listen to it, or your refrigerator when it is humming. Why applaud this just because I'm a human making the sounds?" And the best one, right at the end of the show, after everybody, yep, applauded...Keith got up, walked over to the first row of seats, sat down and said, gesturing to the guitar/modifications: "Okay, does anyone else wanna have a go at it?" What a guy! Okay, hope to talk to you soon. Take care! Later, Chris
BLASTITUDE will be published on the 1st of each month...or every other month. We're not sure yet. If we go monthly, some issues may be kinda slight, but back issues will always remain online. Since the 'fast-paced' web isn't supposed to be for reading, and Blastitude offers lots of reading, it might take you two months to get through all this bullcrap anyhow. Either way, thanks for blasting in. (If this is cyberspace, rather than, um, the cybersea shouldn't we be 'blasting' around the internet, like in rockets or spaceships, instead of 'surfing' the net?)
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"Spotlite on Spite" by Chris Sienko
"3 Parisian Conversations" by Keri Aspegren
"Only Seat in the House" by Christopher Dean Heine

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Stephen "S.M." Malkmus
: I never listen to music when I
have sex because it's the one time I don't have to.


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