COMING August 1st
BLASTITUDE 13 (may/june/july) with special 13-page Eternity Blast exclusive guest-edited by Cary Loren featuring Destroy All Monsters, Ira Cohen, Angus MacLise, Jack Smith, John & Leni Sinclair, Gothic Nudity, Sun Ra, Ray Johnson, Wallace Berman, Mike Kelley on UFO aesthetics, and much more all-around infinite hugeness. And, in the words of David St. Hubbins, "Wait till you see the cover!" But that's not all: there will also be a full regular issue of Blastitude, featuring more Harrington, more Rettman, more Dolman, Blastitude Invislble Jukebox with The Lotus, Fiend Records, Jack Jackson's Confessions of a SocialAlcoholic, and so much more that it probably won't really be out until August 13th!