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I've noticed that some of the more artsy-fartsy links pages don't tell you what they're linking to, they just offer (for each link) some line of seemingly random text, an apparent non sequitir that does not introduce you in any way to what website you're about to shake hands with. Being a genuine certified #1-class art-fart myself, I've decided to offer my own such page to the world.


and what brought these mortals together?

and then a man wielding an electric light emerged from the darkness

and almost half of the students abandoned their assignments as the music began to pipe into the windows and through the hallways and yea, into the very core of their being

this is the best Captain Beefheart and The/His Magic Band page I've ever seen for hard chronological/biographical info (woops, that description was actually quite pertinent)



thank you, this has been
number four

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