GOTH began as a small original handmade book published by Sub Rosa Press and Book Beat Gallery in 2002. It is a collection of 21 original photographs by Jeffery Silverthorne taken in Goth clubs in Detroit between 1995-2000. Many of the photos of this limited edition book contain erotica and sexually explicit material. The overall size of the book is 5 1/2" square. Photos are about 2 1/4" square in size. Some are contact prints and others are small enlargements. Photos are mounted with acid-free photo-corners, words are printed black ink on black vellum. The book is hand-bound in black Lakota, Nepal paper.

BURIED ALIVE. The artist Mog of Florida made a specially treated box/sculpture with insect-decoupage. Each box is a unique artwork and was buried under ground overnight to absorb a special vibration. The book also contains a small nine verse poem by Cary Loren based on the James Walsh movie "The Bride of Frankenstein" and the photos in GOTH. MOG has also made individual movies of each box and the sounds that they make. A special CDR of the box sounds are in production. The edition of 50 copies were signed and numbered by all participants and copies are still available from Book Beat gallery.




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