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Afterword and notes on contributors

Blastitude first came on my screen while researching reviews of psychedelic music. Blastitude was filled with strange left turns; raging sports commentators in a rock zine, reviews of CDR oddities, snake-oil reviews, and rants that kept me on the page.  When I first saw the name I thought, WYNDHAM LEWIS and BLAST, the future has finally arrived -- later did I realize this was an inspiration and vision direct from Angus Maclise.

We tossed letters back and forth. I sent some THE END IS HERE promos to blast honcho Matt Silcock. It was evident we had some overlap of interests. We had a meeting in the bookstore and things started clicking. I’d like to thank Matt for having enough blastitude to try out this experiment. His suggestion to interview Ira Cohen was dead perfect. Ira became a bridge, to and from many of the ideas and people I cared about. He was central. Ira was created for Blastitude and Eternity. Going forward, I began to assemble a small group of writers and artists around eternity and issues of personal interest.

The collage or map for ETERNITY was meant to be an open-ended game board, sort of an endless pinball loop without the scoring. The game was developed for an OUTRAGEOUS CHERRY 12" double album LP (an altered fold-out version appears in their current US CD: THE BOOK OF SPECTRAL PROJECTIONS) The original game had sets of cards, strategy and karma decks. It was a game meant to be invented by the players, with no goal or end to it. Once you got on the map, that was it, you never got out. The map allowed 13 pages or "portals" of entry and was not meant to be followed chronologically.

The artists, writers and direction of this Blastitude issue were all of key importance. They are passionate about their subjects, experts in esoteric knowledge. Exotic consultants. I viewed this issue as a spiral of overlapping adventures. Hopefully there's something of interest for everyone who looks and perhaps it will lead you too on an infinite journey. I'd like to also thank Matt for his level headed approach, reason and clarity in arranging the material. I threw a mountain of garbage his way and he really plucked out the weeds and cleared a path. I would like to hear any comments or suggestions you might have about this issue. Please comment to: Cary@thebookbeat.com

ANNEKE AUER is a conceptual artist, mother, excellent cook, and well noted Dutch web designer. We began a long discussion about developing the map as an electronic game board. We felt it would work well on the net. When the idea of doing Blastitude came around we discussed using it as a menu page for this new thing. Anneke had total freedom to play and animate the collage. Hr animations now appear as a menu and contents page on the Blastitude online version. Without her efforts and enthusiasm this issue wouldn’t have happened. One day we will complete the true map…. In the meantime Anneke and I are now working on the very special GLOW IN THE DARK GALLERY-- a farout online exhibition art space we hope to have rolling soon. Thank you Anneke! She also runs her own artsite under the SOMNILOQUY INSTITUTE. One of her recent works was THE MISSING GENE PROJECT, you can test your own DNA right now at: http://www.xs4all.nl/~cuckoo/TSI/index.html

TOSH BERMAN runs a fantastic small press called TAM-TAM BOOKS in Los Angeles. His press has published the only known novel of Serge Gainsbourg:EVGUENIE SOKOLOV, and the infamous noir masterpiece by Boris Vian: I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVES-- Tosh keeps me informed of worldwide Situationist events by his e-mails and his touching essay on his genius/artist father is a lovely treasure to have included. You can reach TAM TAM at: http://www.tamtambooks.com

BEN SCHOT is an artist, publisher, curator and English teacher in Rotterdam, Holland. His SEA URCHIN press editions has reprinted EDGAR ALLEN POE’S fantstic fiction and will soon reprint the Dutch translation of LES CHAMPS MAGNETIQUES by André
Breton and Philippe Soupault. Sea Urchin is also producing (in English) the 'comic opera' STINKFOOT by Vivian Stanshall and his wife Ki Longfellow-Stanshall. He is a great friend and source of support. We first met at his (and Ronald Corneilsons) invitation for DAM to participate in the seminal exhibition “I RIP YOU, YOU RIP ME”-- which was a cornerstone exhibition, seminar, film screening, and workshop held in 1998 at the Boijmans Museum and other venues in Rotterdam. This was the first time that the various issues of Detroit, DAM and its cross-currents could be seen and examined at one time. It was an eye-opener. This one event has led to many other projects, connections, offshoots and explorations which included DAM’s recent installation at the Whitney Biennial. You can reach Ben and SEA URCHIN EDITIONS AT: http://www.sea-urchin.net

LEN BUKOWSKI is a friend, musician, occultist, teacher, SUN RA aficionado, and collector, with over 110 original Saturns. He can be heard on the recent CDs: 19 MOONS with the Northwoods Improvisers w/Faruq Z. Bey and PEYOTEMIND with Monster Island and John Sinclair. Relocating soon to the Boston area he will be sorely missed, along with his trademark citation: BE IN PEACE.

IRA COHEN, mystic bard, tantric photographer, film-maker inside of God's eyelid, international rice paper adventurer from Tangier to Katmandu, pothead, wiseman, crackpot-saint, electronic multimedia shaman, jackass guru, publisher of GNOUA, the STAR STREAM series, and other cosmic debris. Ira Cohen is a man of lavish panache, an overabundance of energy, delirium, class, wit and spontaneity, a lovely beatific combustible soul who has peppered the planet with his own surrealist intelligence Seek more of this grande sage at www.iracohen.org

DIANE DI PRIMA is one of the most accomplished women poets working today. She is most famously known for her X rated send up: MEMOIRS OF A BEATNIK. In the early sixties she began THE FLOATING BEAR press which also published Ray Johnson and Jack Smith. Last year she published RECOLLECTIONS OF MY LIFE AS A WOMAN: THE NEW YORK YEARS, a phenomenal autobiography that will have you glued to every page.

WILLIAM S.WILSON has been a close friend of the artist Ray Johnson for over 40 years. From his essay on Ray in THE PAPER SNAKE, published by SOMETHING ELSE PRESS in 1964, to his 1997 essay WITH RAY: THE ART OF FRIENDSHIP in the Black Mountain College Dossier series #4: (RAY JOHNSON), Bill has kept up a constant flowing stream. His apartment is a refuge, archive and world headquarters for all information regarding Ray Johnson. There is no question that Bill is a gate keeper to the eternal network. His comments on Ray and the number 13 are  a sublime and welcome contribution.

MIKE KELLEY is a friend, humorist, musician and artist of great magnitude. A fellow founder of Destroy All Monsters, its always a great pleasure to meet and conspire together. He is one of the most original thinkers on the planet. A collection of Mike's critical writing will appear in the fall of 2002, published by MIT press. 

LENI SINCLAIR works in both film and photography, and has captured the Detroit 1960s like no other. She continues to photograph and has been published widely in magazines, newspapers, books, and CDs. She lives in Detroit and you can visit her website of legendary music photography at: http://home.earthlink.net/~lenisinclair

JEFFREY SILVERTHORNE has been a photographer for over 40 years. He has taken on projects many would consider raw, undeserving, inelegant and subversive. He has documented morgues, prisons, whorehouses, transvestites, border towns, missing persons, Coney Island parades and goth kids. Jefffrey is a longtime friend and Book Beat gallery regular. In 1992 we published a small monograph of his work.

JOHN SINCLAIR is a poet, performer, author, music journalist and award winning radio programmer, record producer, former Professor of Blues History at Wayne State University in Detroit, ex-Chairman of the White Panther Party, ex-Manager of the MC5, ex-political prisoner… founding producer of the Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival, Executive Director of the Detroit Jazz Center, founding member of the Detroit Artist Workshop… the legendary John Sinclair ("one of the hardest working poets in show-business" -- Ben Edmonds) continues to kick out the jams from his modern-day headquarters in New Orleans. Visit the Big Chief at: http://www.jass.com/sinclair/

BYRON COLEY is a top-ten writer, record producer, book publisher, and left field agent provocateur. We've been lobbing projects like grenades since 1995 when he took on co-production for the DAM 3CD boxed set. Byron and company's NEW GRASS CENTER FOR UNDERGROUND CULTURE brings in the riotous acts and the Ecstatic-Yod collective produces and sells some of the most respected sound rarities on the planet. You can find Yod pontificating at: http://www.yod.com



"You are not limited to one room, there are many rooms"
--Angus MacLise, Smothered Under Astral Collapse

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#13 August 2002 ETERNITY BLAST SPECIAL edited by Cary Loren PAGE 12 of 13

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