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“Truth did not come into the world naked, but it came in types and images. One will not receive the truth in any other way… The bridegroom must enter through the image into the truth.”

-- The Gospel of Saint Philip

It's been oscillating with the tides, since the moment Count Drago turned his guests into stone statues in Castle of the Living Dead, and photographer Alexander Gardner rearranged corpses on the battlefield of the Civil War. Our search for the timelessness in art fills museums, scrapbooks, recordings, novels, and endless pages of quotable desires. We demand the permanence of a particular moment, especially those filled with beauty, ecstasy and tears. The cataloging of experience can be found fixed in light, frozen in stone, paper, canvas, tape, and the digital realm. When our scrapbooks are filled, we can admire how we have regained these moments of lost time. Watching, reliving and triggering the documents of our precious past.

For the past SEVEN YEARS, the ETERNITY project has slowly been undergoing its reconstruction. The 13 doors or portals in the original model of Eternity have been carefully put together from small fragments located from around the globe. Each element of ETERNITY contains different properties, some relate to real or imaginary places, each are associated with specific colors, tones, foods, beasts, codes, gods and goddesses—an endless container of signs and symbols. Opening a doorway is not always easy.  There are some things that ETERNITY does not want us to see. A glossary of these properties is now being collected and stored inside the electronic ETERNITY.

Electronic ETERNITY will make it possible to tap into the game’s architecture and hidden structures. Each player will experience the waves of colors and sounds and walk directly onto his own celestial road. Transformation is up to the individual. Life and Death are not the only roads. The ETERNITY Game is not responsible for its usage as a divine object or mind-expanding drug. Scrying and divination are NOT recommended. The creators and publishers of ETERNITY can not be held libel for its misuse. The ETERNITY we’ve discovered is but a single page in the book of time. Some of the first direct observations made include:

                             The 13 Observed Properties of ETERNITY

1.      a 3-dimensional effect emitted from the central triangle of the map—an almost hypnotic spiraling that has given viewers a strong sense of awareness and fulfillment--fast spinning funnels sometimes formed out from the spirals spinning both inward and outward -- many observers have fallen into deep trances looking into the spiral, and have had strong past life regressions, or UFO experiences

2.      Sections of Eternity have holographic properties—small areas have been seen that reproduce the entire map and sometimes images have surfaced that are completely foreign to the map.

3.      flashes similar to lightening sometimes are emitted and this usually occurs when entering or exiting one of the 13 doors

4.      an ectoplasmic hand (sometimes called a monkey’s paw) was noticed opening doors, lifting pieces off the map and grasping at material objects.   

5.      the seven rays of eternity emitted different tones and caused colors to glow incandescently

6.      disembodied voices, radio waves, celestial tones and gongs have also been sometimes heard

7.      the most profound effect was an almost instant loss of ego

8.      the scent of flowers and burning incense have been smelled

9.      ETERNITY can be consulted as an oracle with close to absolute accuracy

10.  Versions of the ETERNITY map have been known to spontaneously combust

11.  animals, lizards, worms and small creatures have been seen in motion across the surface of the map

12.  a combination of elements from Egyptology, Kabbalah, tarot, astrology, Buddhism,  I-ching, Tao—both  Eastern and Western magic have been discovered and cataloged 

13.  ETERNITY can be played intuitively or visually  with or without any prior knowledge or instruction—there is access and exits at almost any point


Books of Eternity: A Brief History

“The difficulties are real… but let us remember that we are dealing with infinities and indivisibles, both of which transcend our finite understanding… In spite of this men cannot refrain from discussing them.” -- Galileo

ETERNITY is a facsimile of an occult-based system, map, game and life strategy device that has been reconstructed by its caretakers; ANNEKE AUER and myself (CARY LOREN) from the scraps, details and history left behind from the original. We have pieced it together like a Kabalistic puzzle; a lost branch from Wonderland, an artifact caught between past and future, darkness and light. Its revelations and bursts of energy have been an almost daily occurrence.

The earliest history of the ETERNITY map can be traced back to the year 999. This is the year Herbert or Gerbert d’Aurillac was a brilliant mathematician who was anointed Pope and is said to have conjured the BOOK OF ETERNITY or the BOOK OF SANDS or THE HOLY WRIT or THE TIMELESS HOUR from a code, locked deep inside of the original BOOK OF REVELATIONS. d’Aurillac worked in a feverish tempo to present a mass at the dawning of the first millennium that would ward off the end of times. The millennial mass was the most celebrated service in the history of the church.

The Pope d’Aurillac, also known as Sylvester II, was most famously known as the owner of a giant automaton oracle head given to him by a magician with incredible power. This mechanical head could answer any question posed to it with a yes or no answer. A Spanish magician known as the Black Moor programmed the oracle head. The Black Moor is also said to be the author of King Solomon’s Key, an important occult text that had influenced Nostradamus and Doctor John Dee. Sylvester II died in 1003, in a bizarre murder plot just before ending the dark ages. The giant oracle head has not been found. References still exist in the Vatican library. 

Inventor of Recursive Machines, Perpetual Motion Machines, Magic Staircases, Celestial globes, the Pendulum Clock, and Master of the Astrolabe, the genius d’Aurillac was also condemned as a dangerous madman and black magician. According to legend, his book of time was considered a dangerous, monstrous object, and if this infernal book were ever destroyed, the universe would be consumed along with it. Before d’Aurillac died he wrote a brief warning about reading the signs in the book called SYMBOSIS DESTINOS INFINITUM and buried the book deep within the catacombs underneath the Vatican.

The Book of Eternity surfaced for a brief period in the late 1940’s when Nobel laureate author Jorge Borges, then a periodical librarian at the Argentine National Library, described buying a sacred book from an elderly bible salesman from Scandinavia.  Borges remembers, “It was as if all the knowledge of the world flooded through my eyes when I first opened that book of blackness.” The antiquarian claimed the book was a holy talisman and its origin came from the lowest caste in India. The Argentinean periodical librarian soon became a prisoner of the book, obsessed with it every waking and dreaming moment. “I was going mad from it,” Borges said, “that demon book had rooted in my brain, and had possession of my soul….”  Before going mad (and writing many of his most acclaimed short stories), he cataloged each page and illustration in a small black journal. Many of his later stories concerned themselves with the secrets of this book.

Described as being a slim Octavio quatro, reddish-brown Moroccan leather-bound with silk headbands, hand-tooled decorations and the words IN FINITE ORBITUM embossed gold on the spine. It looked early nineteenth century, but had probably been rebound a number of times. The most curious thing about this book was the infinite number of pages that appeared after each time it was reopened. It was randomly numerated in Arabic, and you could never find the same page twice after closing the book. The words were in a strange script, in two or four columns, probably an ancient dialect of Hindi.  It was also illustrated with a different image every thousand pages which would never appear again after you closed the book. Borges found a language expert by the name M’rab Abdull O’tum. The etymologist M’rab and Borges kept a journal called IMAGES OF INFINITY and it was there they cataloged each entry and image.

During the full moon of a feast day, M’rab suddenly disappeared taking both book and the journal notes with him. During this time Borges was inconsolable, isolated himself in the labyrinth of the National Library, and began to write some of his best works. Many of them, like the Library of Babel and The Aleph, were based on his memories of the books.    



  1966: UFO’s and Rock n’ Roll Eternity


Eternity was also dated to a sighting in 1966. This was the year when “96 Tears” by ? and the Mysterians became the #1 Hit single and a flurry of UFO sightings were recorded across the state of Michigan making national headlines. It may be a coincidence but we believe, as others before us, that there’s an EXTRATERRESTIAL ORIGIN for Eternity (more about that later). The map first surfaced in a barn in DEXTER, MICHIGAN, in March of 1966, found by a vagabond Chicago blues drummer crashed out in a barn on his way home to a trailer park just outside Ann Arbor. The young man had mentioned seeing small lizards animated on the map’s surface. It was found in a deep indentation in a field, where a pyramid shaped quilted spacecraft hovered for hours. This spacecraft was observed by dozens of eyewitnesses, including members of the Dexter police force and the Washtenaw County Sheriff’s department. The following day, over 600 women doing calisthenics outdoors at Hillsdale College witnessed the baffling phenomena.  It is presumed some primal energy or artificial intelligence was absorbed into the surface of the map. The drummer who picked up Eternity, would soon form a rock band that would destroy traditional concepts of what a rock band could be. Eustache Deschamps, a contemporary poet of Hieronymus Bosch, writes:

"Now the world is cowardly, decayed and weak,
Old, covetous, confused of speech:
I see only female and male fools....
The end approaches...
All goes badly."





1966 was a year of MULTIPLE ORGASMIC power. 1966 was a MASTER “13” year. Eternity is designed as the marriage of SOLAR and LUNAR ENERGY. It is the KING and QUEEN in sexual congress in the sea of stars. 1966 was the year of 13 wondrous VIBRATIONS. Eternity is designed in the geometric perfection of 3 meeting 13. YAHOWA 13 -- The map of eternity is divided into the three realms: GOD, MANKIND and SATAN: represented by the circle, triangle and rectangle. This is the Garden of Eden. There are 13 ROOMS, DOORS, or PORTALS of Eternity.  God is in the EYE of RA, the stars and fruit of the sky, the ANGELIC realm of COSMIC MUSIC. Mankind is caught in the MIDDLE KINGDOM; the realm of prophecy, poets, masters and artists. Mankind is ONE + THREE, the EYE inside the TRIANGLE. The Satanic rectangle is the FOUNDATION of man, dominated by HELL, the FEAST of sensation, foods, DECAY and CREATURES of the UNDERGROUND.     


1966 was the year of the Velvet Underground Exploding Plastic Inevitable -- and the birth of the infant MC5. In 1966 the vagabond poet-prophet Ira Cohen said, “ THE BLACK WAVE IS UPON US O GOD!” Cohen first discovers Eternity in god’s cave in the lower hemisphere. Later he nailed it to the doorway of a Katmandu bookstore, a SIGN to the HOLY ANGELS where it stayed until ANOTHER BLACK WAVE came upon us. Teenage singer Rob Tyner of the MC5 claimed an angel sent him a coded message in a note blown by John Coltrane.  People of the future have a talk with Rob. His teenage brain ignites a fuse that frees rock n’ roll from itself.  He spots the outlet switch on the back of the amplifier and writes BLACK TO COMM in 1967 (the year of 1+13).  13 years old and dropping LSD, a three-hour orgasm in a Beardsly pattern of bedroom wallpaper as Detroit ignites in flames and riots. The number one song in the nation is “Light My Fire” --  and the Iron Butterfly sang:

In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, honey,
  don't you know that I love you?
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida, baby,
don't you know that I'll always be true?

Oh, won't you come with me
and take my hand?

Oh, won't you come with me
and walk this land?

Please take my hand!
watching us!

Philip Taylor Kramer, one-time bassist for the rock group Iron Butterfly, disappeared on February 12'th, 1996. Several facts are known. Kramer was working with his father on a top secret communications project, involving faster-than-light speed transmissions, employing gravitational waves and magnetic particles. There has been speculation of his abduction from top government agencies.  Ron Bushy, Iron Butterfly's co-founder, was working with Kramer to schedule an Iron Butterfly reunion tour at the time of his disappearance. When the Union Tribune talked with Bushy about Kramer's disappearance, Bushy said, "I honestly believe that he has been abducted by our government or an agency that is part of it or maybe a foreign government or a company."

Current research on the detection of gravity waves consists of hugely massive aluminum or niobium cylinders, sitting inside of superconducting tubs of liquid nitrogen deep underground. The only events capable of producing gravity waves of a high enough intensity to be detected by such devices is a supernova, the collapse of a black hole, or the creation of a universe. Contemporary research also suggests that using the Earth itself in conjunction with a distant spacecraft might also be used to detect these extremely weak waves.  At 11:59 a.m.  on the day of his disappearance, 911 received a call and these were his last words:

911 operator: This is 911 can I help you?

Taylor: This is Philip Taylor Kramer.

911 operator: This is 911, can I help you sir?

Taylor: Yes you can, I'm going to kill myself and, I want everyone to know, O. J .Simpson is innocent, they did it.

911 operator: O.K, and what is your name? Hello? Hello?


                        THE MEANING OF IN-A-GODDA-DA-VIDA


             (by Liam, age 19, as found in a Iron Butterfly discussion group)
'the song's title comes from the language spoken by jesus and his apostles....aremaic. although i don't know exactly what it means, the song is about the devil wanting this beautiful young vixen, and of course, couldn' t unless she was dead. that's why ingle simulates the voice of the devil, saying "don't you know that i love you--a lie.......oh won't you come with me, and take my hand, and walk this land..." well the long guitar part after the first part of the vocals is the devil contemplating and thinking of how he could actually have her. this story is supposed to take place in the fifteen hundreds…. well, the drum solo symbolizes the devil slipping the girl this drug, which in turn, slowed her heart beat down slow, keeping her alive. the doctors back then could not tell she was in fact still alive.......she was declared dead. the drum solo starts off fast and ends up really really slow, signifying her heart beat slowing down. well those trippy organ sounds you here symbolize her funeral, since after all, everyone thinks this girl is dead. after a few minutes, you hear that rotten, guitar screetching, acting out her casket being lowered into the ground. she is finally buried, and when the drum solo picks up, it gets faster, a faster drum beat, really cool, and a faster bass line; this means she's waking up, and the drug is wearing off, and then you here that screetching sound again (her screaming when she wakes up in the casket, knowing that she's been buried alive, gasping for air, beating on the casket, knowing she's going to die if she doesn't get out, panicing, etc. well, the guitar picks up again, and she's finally dead. and then you here the devil, doug ingle, repeating the phrases you heard at the begining of the song....kinda rubbing it in that he finally got what he wanted. so to sum it all up, the devil got the girl, and no one back then would have ever known. listen to the song while reading this, it makes sense and is the dark, underlying message the song intends to deliver. my name is liam, and i'm 19, who heard this story from my dad and his pot smoking buddies. try it out, it all fits.'

The album would be the first rock album to go platinum (selling one million units). It went on to sell over 3 million. Doug Ingle recalls that "It didn't break on a national and international scale until a DJ out of Detroit had just gotten a new venue on AM radio where he would be permitted to play heavy metal groups. This was a first. The only way he would be permitted to play the Butterfly was if he had an edited version. So he took it upon himself to do an edited version, submitted it to Atlantic, and they approved. Then they made up a bunch of 45s. We didn't even know it. It was strictly a business decision to make more money."


                                ? and the ALIEN PROBE

“Good Luck I cried, and I saw a sea of flames in the sky.”—Arthur Rimbaud

Deep in the maze of cow pastures and cornfields of Midwest Michigan, Question Mark “?” is feeling dizzy and queasy… hot beads of sweat begin to pour down his wrap around shades. His bright orange t-shirt is drenched in sweat, his skintight spandex leopard-spotted pants begin to itch in the heat. He can’t see in the land of the MIDNIGHT SUN… running, running, lost in a labyrinth of hay circles and cornhusk whiskey. He looks up at the glowing spacecraft, a dull speck through his dark shades. Is it the MOON chasing me? The exhausted and frightened Question Mark is slowly levitated higher and higher, up into the quilted and football shaped silver spacecraft. The people of the future call him inside. A sliding jagged metal door opens and Question Mark’s body is laid face up on a cold metal slab. The room is shadowy and empty. Question Mark lays paralyze. A hypnotic spinning device is lowered to his eye level.  ALIEN ONE scratches his marshmallow crotch and sniffs at the spandex pants… ALIEN TWO and THREE turn Question Mark over and pull down the spandex to his knees. ALIEN ONE returns holding a nasty three-foot long humming silver rod. ALIEN TWO AND THREE masturbate Question Mark with a hollow suction cup and a three-finger alien/lobster grip. As the silver probe is inserted, a Farfisa organ begins the unmistakable two-chord to riff, “da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da....” At that exact moment the soon-to-be WABX-FM radio program director Dave Dixon enters a sound studio next to the Fox Theater in downtown Detroit and swears he hears this exact riff… and says “This will be a #1 Hit!” Did Dixon hear a rehearsal by the People of the Future?  Back in the spaceship, the probe goes in deeper, a flood of tears wells up behind Question Mark’s pitch black wrap-a-rounds. “You’re gonna CRY, CRY, CRY…” 

96 Tears

Too many teardrops for one heart to be cryin'
Too many teardrops for one heart to carry on
You're way on top now
Since you left me
You're always laughin'
Way down at me
But watch out now
I'm gonna get there
We'll be together
For just a little while
And then I'm gonna put you
Way down here
And you'll start cryin'
Ninety-six tears

And when the sun comes up
I'll be on top
You'll be way down there
Lookin' up
And I might wave
Come up here
But I don't see you
Wavin' now
I'm way down here
Wonderin' how
I'm gonna get you
But I know now
I'll just cry, cry, I'll just cry

Too many teardrops for one heart to be cryin'
Too many teardrops for one heart
To carry on
You're gonna cry ninety-six tears
You're gonna cry ninety-six tears
You're gonna cry cry, cry, cry, now
You're gonna cry cry, cry, cry
Ninety-six tears c'mon and lemme hear you cry, now
Ninety-six tears (whoo!) I wanna hear you cry
Night and day, yeah, all night long
Uh-ninety-six tears cry cry cry
C'mon baby, let me hear you cry now, all night long
Uh-ninety-six tears! Yeah! C'mon now
Uh-ninety-six tears!

Question Mark returns to Bay City, Michigan and records the song the “angels” have given him. 760 copies (another 13) of the single are pressed on the home grown Michigan label Pa-Go-Go — On October 27, 1966, it knocked the Association’s “Cherish” out of Billboard’s number-one spot —but is later suppressed (for some unknown reason)  by the owner of Cameo records who refuses to ever release the master tapes. Why has this number one single never been released? Why is it that every copy played on the radio is from an inferior bootleg? There have been rumors about a single source that has been buying up all copies of the rare original Pa-Go-Go first pressing. The power inside of "96 Tears" is a curious mixture of a strange cabal with extraterrestrial origin. The message perhaps is too powerful to handle.  It’s true that "96 Tears" spent only 13 weeks as numero uno, but is the most unforgettable teen anthem ever recorded.

“We are in outer space. Just because we're on Earth doesn't mean we're not in space. I have lived many lives. I was born on Mars many eons ago, and I was around when the dinosaurs were around. When you know you've lived other, different lives and you're going to come back again, you can adapt to many different things. But I've always been an entertainer. I could come back as a famous scientist, but I'd still be an entertainer, because I could be on a TV show and people could tune in, and then I'd be entertaining them. The people from the future know all about this. They've known all along about my origin, and everything like that. They introduced themselves in 1997, and said, 'You're going to venture out into the world once again," and they said they'd always been there in my head telepathically, and I remembered hearing them ever since I was little, but I thought it was God, because I'm very religious. I'm Catholic. I'm a dancer, I wanted to be on American Bandstand, and at a certain time a thought came into my head and said, "You're going to start singing,'' and I said, "I'm a dancer, I'm not a singer,'' but after that I started writing these original songs. That was the people from the future telling me what the future was going to be.”    — ?   (Question Mark) 

1966 was the LOVE PAGAENT RALLY, the ULTIMATE CORVETTE, THE BATMOBILE, the beginning of DIGGER CULTURE, The Lone Ranger cartoon with 13 episodes in its first season. The Black Panthers 10 Point Plan is introduced and Frank Herbert’s DUNE is given the HUGO AWARD— it was the great wind-up before the last pitch.


“Pop Art mirrored the social skin. Happenings X-rayed the bones. Street events are social acid heightening consciousness of what is real on the street. To expand eyeball implications until facts are established through action. The Mexican Day of the Dead is celebrated in cemeteries. Yellow flowers falling petal by petal on graves. In moonlight. Favorite songs of the deceased and everybody gets loaded. Children suck deaths-head candy engraved with their names in icing. A Digger event: Flowers, mirrors, penny-whistles, girls in costumes of themselves, Hell's Angels, street people, Mime Troupe.

Angels ride up Haight with girls holding Now! signs. Flowers and penny-whistles passed out to everyone. A chorus on both sides of the street chanting Uhh!--Ahh!--Shh be cool! Mirrors held up to reflect faces of passersby.

[10/66 edition: Penny-whistle music, clapping, flowers thrown in the air. A bus driver held up by the action gets out to dance a quick free minute. No more passers-by, Everybody's together.]

The burial procession. Three black-shrouded messengers holding staffs topped with reflective dollar signs. A runner swinging a red lantern. Four pall bearers wearing animal heads carry a black casket filled with blowups of silver dollars. A chorus singing Get Out Of My Life Why Don't You Babe to Chopin's Death March. Members of the procession give out silver dollars and candles.

Now more reality. Someone jumps on a car with the news that two Angels were busted. Crowd, funeral cortege and friends of the Angels fill the street to march on Park Police Station. Cops confront 400 free beings: a growling poet with a lute, animal spirits in black, candle-lit girls singing Silent Night. A collection for bail fills an Angel's helmet. March back to Haight and street dancing. Street events are rituals of release. Reclaiming of territory (sundown, traffic, public joy) through spirit. Possession. Public NewSense.

Not street-theater, the street is theater. Parades, bank robberies, fires and sonic explosions focus street attention. A crowd is an audience for an event. Release of crowd spirit can accomplish social facts. Riots are a reaction to police theater. Thrown bottles and over-turned cars are responses to a dull, heavy-fisted, mechanical and deathly show. People fill the street to express special public feelings and hold human communion. To ask "What's Happening?" The alternative to death is a joyous funeral in company with the living.”

-- from the Digger Papers, 1966


                                          COLD TURKEY PRESS

"I was determined that we should get to the bottom of the matter, and that the truth should be fully brought out—no matter who was involved."

– Richard M. Nixon  (from the first Watergate speech 4/30/1973)

Fact and fiction are one river. In July 1954 the words “rock n’ roll” came to be invented when Bill Haley and the Comets of Highland Park, Michigan released the record ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK written by tin-pan alley composers Max Freedman and his partner Jimmy DeKnight, and ALAN FREED, a Cleveland, Ohio DJ, coined the term to describe this hot new record. In 1955 the song was tacked onto the film  "Blackboard Jungle" and soon became the national anthem of rock and roll. In 1956, it was the theme song of an Allan Freed film also called "Rock Around the Clock".


Street musician Tim Hardin started using the name MOONDOG in 1947 in honor of a dog "who used to howl at the moon more than any dog I knew of". In the 1950's he sued Alan Freed the disc jockey to stop him using the name Moondog. Freed used to play 'Moondog Symphony' as his theme song. It was an old 78 recording by MOONDOG. On Thanksgiving Day in 1954 Freed gave up using the name on air and changed the name of his show to 'Rock and Roll Show'.  In 1967 Big Brother and The Holding Company with Janis Joplin recorded his 'All is Loneliness'. This seems to have been the start Columbia getting interested in him. In 1969 Jim Guerico, who was then the producer of the band Chicago, introduced him to Columbia/CBS and for the first time Moondog was able to record 20 years of his work with a full orchestra. Moondog 2 followed this in 1971, a collection of madrigals. During this time he became a minor celebrity appearing on such shows as The Today Show and The Tonight Show, writing music for commercials and radio and having one of his compositions used on the soundtrack of the Jack Nicholson film 'Drive, He Said."

In 1964 TONY SMITH completed MOONDOG one of his most well known sculptures and named after this famous street-poet.

FREED is arrested in a payola scam, a thousand teen-hops, hot-rods and pin-stripped low-riders cruise the streets like crocodiles marching down the Nile.

In 1954 artist, photographer Norman Solomon read the word OSMOSIS in the dictionary. Out of this word, his roommate, Ray Johnson of Detroit, Michigan created the word MOTICOS. This was an invented word for a new language of art. The MOTICOS became a series of symbols and codes that sprang from a Black Mountain well. Speaking of his 1955 collages of James Dean and Elvis, pop-art historian Henry Geldzhaler would refer to them as the “Plymouth Rock” – the fountainhead and codex of POP ART. From the corpse Johnson left behind would grow a stranglehold of ELECTRONIC MOTICOS blooming like a MAGIC ROCK GARDEN.

In 1971 John Sinclair and Pun Plamundon of the White Panther Party were on trial in Detroit for conspiracy charges against the United States Government.  Illegal wire-tapping was at the center of this trial and it went as far as the Supreme Court. The weekend after the Court heard all the motions, then President Richard M. Nixon knew which way the vote was going and decided to remove his wire taps at the Watergate Hotel which would be illegal on Monday morning. He was busted, not by deep throat or Woodward and Bernstein. It was ZENTA MAGIC from the streets of Detroit that busted Nixon.       

In 1957 (another year of 13) the GARDEN OF EDEN was LEVITATED by the MONOTONE SYMPHONY of Yves Klein. Materialized out of the COLD BLUE of the Universe, the COLD BLUE of the World, The COLD BLUE of the Absolute. “Language is never innocent,” said Roland Barthes. Exploding space, the restless leap into the void, the fiery plunge of mystical ecstasy. Yves Klein rolls under the eternal blue tomb, vanishing before the century sputters, gasping from the Assassin’s Hour.


                                    ETERNAL DUCHAMP

In 1966 Marcel Duchamp finishes ETANT DONNÈS. His last slice of eternity was made for an audience of one. With a peephole the size of an anus you would belly-up to watch the flies attracted to the ass cheese. The door that bars the entranceway up the bride’s dress contains 13 slats of wood, imported from a “special” barn in Spain. Remove the phallus rivets that block the view.  SHAVED BEAVER. Yes, press your eye through the anal periscope and one can see the glorious WATERFALL (1948-1949)—the veil of the white ass cheese, crazy bride, downed out, face a mess and lighting the already bright sky with the sacred sputtering ILLUMINATING GAS (1915-1923), the confessional for THE OCCULT WITNESS (1920). The eye holds on; the floor is checkerboard chessboard or perhaps those Dutch-made cheese floors made famous in Vermeer’s paintings. The stereoscopic vision made whole through the eye of a camera obscura. Duchamp said, “an artist might use anything… to say what he wanted to say.” His dick was hard for half a century.  It is the Obscura Camera, for what you see is the inversion of the great glass held upside down, reversed and rendered in the flesh. It’s the endless fuck, the Penthouse Magazine version of Holidays on Ice. YOU are the Occult Witness. The viewer completes the painting by having intercourse with the nude bride and giving Duchamp a final shortcut with immortality. 



Nine years later in 1975, another cycle of 13 begins: America prepares for its bicentennial and art collective DESTROY ALL MONSTERS of Ann Arbor, Michigan is plotting its overthrow. Developing their anti-art aesthetic DAM disemboweled the waning corpse of rock n roll.   Recording the hi-fi concerto THEM, THE ANT INVASION and BARNYARD DREAM.  Reenacting the murder of SHARON TATE at GOD'S OASIS, and the ballroom dreams of Mars. One year later DAM CRACKED open, swallowed into coming BLACK WAVE. Signs are posted throughout Ann Arbor, thy will be done. Late summer—a   huge bonfire of backyard thrift-store debris rises to the heavens. The final offering at GOD'S OASIS DRIVE-IN CHURCH is a demon seed that stretches through time. The Angels make a visitation, drawn to the flames of lava lamps licking the sky, 1940’s curtain fabrics, and atomic televisions. People of the future arrive in jeweled glass chariots with fart propulsion. DAM is filming the BLOOD OF GOD, starring Jesus as a vampire piloting a glass UFO.  The poet Ira Cohen publishes FROM THE DIVAN OF PETRA VOGT with the Cold Turkey Press in Rotterdam. Ira stated: “And the two bodies, Male and Female, lacking even their skeletons, and muscles and tendons, like old baskets, woven with thread and sinew, stood side by side, in the crypt of Naples, treated with alchemical mercury, they are ready for Eternity.”

Traveling from the United States to the foothills of Katmandu to rest at the sea gates of Holland, Eternity moves on. The publisher of Cold Turkey Press mysteriously vanishes, and the Rotterdam police are sent in. Its a bad scene: a pile of ashes left on the floor with one leg in a slipper. An early version of the map is secretly and carefully delivered by police to the librarian Hansel Von Woland waiting in a small botanical museum in the Hague. Hansel also operated the Flying Circus Gallery in downtown Rotterdam, an experimental ‘fluxus’ gallery where his theories on time, space and art could be tried out in public. His gallery is a short-lived failure. The map stayed with Hansel until his death in 1995. This date coincides with the rebirth/reunion of  Destroy All Monsters, the formation of Monster Island, the Gobbler, the suicide of Ray Johnson (Friday, January the 13th,  ‘95) and the Oklahoma City bombing. The group DAM would later score part of Eternity.  


The King James Version speaks of the "end of the world" (Matt. 24:3) and then talks about the same world "without end." (Eph. 3:21, Isa. 45:17) It speaks of "everlasting hills" (Gen. 49:26, Deut. 33:15) which will one day no longer be "everlasting." Isaiah 40:4 tells us "every mountain and hill will be made low" and "all the earth shall be burned up" in 2 Peter 3:10. Revelation 11:15 speaks of Jesus as reigning "forever and ever" (a double use of "aion") while 1 Corinthians 15:25 says Jesus must rule "till He hath put all enemies under His feet." He then will deliver up a perfected kingdom to the Father who becomes "all in all." Does He reign "till" or "forever"? Exodus 21:5,6 tells us a slave will serve his master for "ever," when clearly death will end his servitude. Leviticus 24:8 says the Mosaic covenant is to be an "everlasting" covenant whereas Hebrews 8:7-13 speaks of the end of that covenant. The Aaronic priesthood is an "everlasting" priesthood in Exodus 40:15 and Numbers 25:13 yet the book of Hebrews makes it very clear it is to be superseded by the Melchizedek priesthood. (Hebrews 7:14-18) According to the King James Version, God would dwell in Solomon's temple "forever" yet Solomon's temple has long been destroyed. The Sabbath (Saturday according to the Old Testament) was to be observed for a statute "forever," yet Hebrews says it was just a "fleshly ordinance imposed until the time of refreshing." Animal sacrifices were to be offered "forever," (Exodus 31:16, 17; 2 Chr. 2:4; Lev. 16:31) yet every Christian knows these all ended in the work of Jesus Christ. Circumcision was an "everlasting covenant" and this was before the Mosaic Covenant, according to Genesis 17:9-14), but 1 Corinthians 7:19 and Galatians 5:6 tells us it is worthless!




·         Jack the Ripper- 13 letters

·        John Wayne Gacy- 13 letters

·        Charles Manson- 13 letters

·        Jeffrey Dahmer- 13 letters

·        Theodore ( Ted ) Bundy- 13 letters



“Resurrection of the body—the amused liberation retracting the body from terrestrial imprints, the discovery that one is not an earthling, that the body can be experienced as a gravity-free time-machine.”

-- The Book of Life

Between knowledge and belief, sit the crossroads of science and myth. The possibility of new discoveries abounds between historical and political practices. Critical exorcisms will find new manifestations… “O wonder of wonders, narcotic nights of the Lobstermoon charade,” slowly chants Sinbad Glick. He sputters over to Allen Ginsberg, “Do I Know you? — you walking career, get the hell out!” On September 16, 1989 in his last moments on earth, witness Penny Arcade noticed, “The room was filled with the huge presence of Jack… It was magnificent! Royal! Luminous!” He was ready to go. Witness Ira Cohen takes four photographs before the nurses place him in a body sack.  

The high priest of LSD is dressed in satin robes, beads and flowers. His bed is a Hindu shrine, gods, goddesses and friends surround the altar of life and death. Incense is burned—a beautiful warm glow fills the room. Hollywood breezes blow the curtains softly. He thinks back to November 22, 1963. Aldous Huxley looks into the eyes of LAURA as she empties the syringe of pure LSD into him. “Light and free, you go darling. Forward and up you go. Into the light you see.  You are doing this beautifully. So easily, forward and up. Light and Free, up to a greater love...” He asked for the MOKSHA medicine and is living now on the ISLAND. . . in the river of fact and fiction. He is ready to go.                                                                                                      

Timothy Leary died peacefully of natural causes in his own bed on the night of May 31, 1996. Longtime friend John Perry Barlow writes: Timothy Leary died unashamed and having, as usual, a great time. He made good on his promise to "give death a better name or die trying." The cybersite Leary.com was intended as an ETERNAL CLASSROOM  for the neophyte psychedelic shaman. After cremation, the ashes of Timothy Leary were quickly sent to NASA, encapsulated and mixed with 13 other deceased people, among them Gene Roddenberry the creator of Star Trek and then they all blasted into space. Star Matter, FOREVER. Beam me up Scotty. 


(from Occult Music source: Robert Fludd)

Thus, let us imagine this Temple of Music to be built on the top of Mt. Parnassus, the abode of the Muses, adorned in every part with eternally green and flowering woods and fields, and pleasantly surrounded by crystal fountains flowing here and there in different directions whose murmur often brings a peaceful sleep to passers by. Birds frequent these parts and inhabit the woods pouring forth diverse consonances of sound in greater symphony. They seem diligently to lay the basis or foundation by means of their higher, more piercing song; through their melody the Nymphs themselves around the temple, the Satyrs led through the woods by Sylvanus and the shepherds led through the fields by Pan, are all moved to engage in choral dances.

For the notion that music was discovered near water, Hawkins offers Athanasius Kircher's "extravagent conjecture" that the Ancient Egyptian pipes or flutes were made from reeds growing on the banks of the Nile, suggesting that music was discovered by the Egyptians. The entire passage is a conundrum.

The next theory Fludd gives is also taken from Quattuor principalia (CS, IV, 203), and is the popular medieval derivation of the word music, probably having its source in Idisore's Etymologia (GS, I, 20). The theory says that music is derived from the Latin word for Muse, which, in turn, derived from the verb muso or "I seek," for the ancients thought that, "the Muses sought the power of songs and the modulation of the voice."  Fludd supports this by referring to Plato's Alcibiades, wherein Socrates teaches Alcibiades the traditional Greek definition of music which embraces poetry, dancing and instrumental music, the arts presided over by the Muses.

Now, in respect to the origin of music and the discovery of musical instruments, a great controversy arises among writers. Pythagoras himself claims that this discipline was not a man-made invention but an invention of the maker of the universe who made the heavenly spheres to move in a certain harmony by means of intervals and motions, from which music he affirms that the musica humana flowed forth.

The poets make Apollo the leader and ruler of this science and certainly not without reason, for according to them the sun is, as it were, the leader and prince of the spheres and ruler of the other stars, the mens or soul of the universe and heart of heaven itself.




The research documented in the Portals to Eternity began as early as 1935 when the University of Michigan, under the direction of Enoch E. Peterson, excavated a portion of the Graeco-Roman necropolis of Kom Abou Billou adjacent to the ancient city of Terenouthis in the Egyptian Delta. The information gathered there became the beginning of an outline for our project. The original sources are ancient, but we have merged several texts both current and ancient. A few of the Major sources for the description section have been: Balliet L Dow; Natures Symphony Lessons in Number Vibrations, L.W. DeLaurence; Great Book of Magical Art, Annie Bessant; The Ancient Wisdom, Dion Fortune; Mysteries of the Qabala, H.P. Blavatsky; Selected Writings, Voice of Silence, Isis Unveiled, etc, and Mary Ann Caws editor; Manifestos of Contemporary Art.

For our current reconstruction, we’ve followed this research and have listed the fragrance, tonalities, frequency, vibration, and quotation for each fragment that lie behind each doorway to this massive labyrinth. This is the “cliff note” version of the guidebook for interstellar travelers.


the color is flame/ number is one/ resonates with 3, 13, and all numbers,  note is C, image is sun/heart/ lucifer/ wandering/ the word /universal spirit/ tarot;magician/ place:Heliopolis/ Aries, letters: A, E, Y, I Q Ram- 1st sign of Zodiac--  Sebak-Ra the great mother, one is positive: Sunday,  constellation: the great bear, ancient child was the dying sun, Magus: Novalis, Ponco Villa, Moses, Freud. position: down, vibrates positive the Sun: Leo letter: aleph,  awakening, morning, birth, language, egg and egg yolk, 

"the creative and the receptive are the real secret  of changes"-- i ching

Chaos/night image: the queen of heaven, her child weaves a web of lies. the prodigal son,

angel : metetron/the angel of presence. Kaballa sephira: kether, animal: sea anemone, the sun starfish, one and love have the same vibration as 13—Bible verse: Rev. iv, 5 

union with god, completion of work –

“the sun is the pen, light is the ink, and the universe is the paper,” S. H. Ahmad

random strategy:

1.see or hear the process happening

2. open the hidden window

3. transform the familiar

4. start from the beginning

5.you can't define it

6. you must become a bricklayer



color is gold / father: Osiris/ High Priestess—Jehovah, 2=Moon, Cancer

the first temptation-pillar of mercy, Angel: Raziel, wheels,  "trial" Egyptian Book of the Dead, etheric double, letter: bet/Yesod, gimal fertilization of the world by 2 pools of water—birthplace of Isis, 2 serpents at the beginning were Draco in the North and Hydra in the South, both encircle the poles, the head and tail of the Dragon—nodes of the moon, eternal law of opposites, good/evil/ yin/yang – psychedelic principles—“dig yourself”--

mother, moon-maiden playmate of Ra, tarot: hanged man+ moon/Cancer (18)

and 21 world 2= collecting and tabulating, note is D, 2 seats of the soul: Heart/brain   Beast: Leviathan,  wedlock and sex, letters: B, K, C, R horns/bull/taurus Hu symbol is corn, the plow, Bible verse: Gen. I: 26,27, constellation: Pleiades symbol: doves, communicating with visions, tools of the vision quest-- forests, polar regions.

"God is eternity. Man in being born is separated from it."

 - Graal-Arelsky Ego Poetry in Poetry, Russian Manifesto 1912

division of space into earth and heaven, Chokmah, the righthand pillar


1.observe movement coming to rest

2. two risky positions eliminate risk

3. enhance the uncertainty

4.hide your contribution 

5.practice devotion

6. limiting the formless



lust/strength the tarot: Emperor, 3 means expressing 1+2 its color is Gold flame, note is E, holy number, name of god,  3 infernal judges, 3 furies, 3 degrees of the damned, Letters: G, J, Ch, L, Sh. the pyramid was oriented to Sirius,  the sphinx that carries

2 lions--  symbol:cup,  display, beauty, wholeness of the world is love,

"Love the existence of the thing itself, and your own being more than yourself"

- Ossip Mandelstam, "The Morning of Acmeism" 

hours, the holy spirit, trinity, sun god Ra, etc... the shamrock, , planet:  Jupiter/Sagittarius/ Pisces



1. start at infinity

2. marvel at the elegance

3. pass paper, follow the stream

4. gamble on the model

5. all bets are covered

6. reverse the order



4 resonates with 10 "who is he?" the infant prodigy- 4 means physical and mental force, its color is blue + green architecture is the cross, the bishops pastoral staff, note=F  4 seasons, 4 corners, 4 infernal rivers, 4 winds, 4 great angels, 4 divine  J H V H , tarot: perfected work, pleasure rest from strife, earthly power,  direction: the East,  symbol=spiral green earth, letters: D, M, T BLUE=13 unity1+expression3, Bible verse: Exodus, chapter xii, 7,”and they shall take the blood and strike it on the TWO side posts and in the upper door-post of the houses.” "look deeply and you will find more of heaven" --  vibrates with 9 CHESED: 4th sephirah, position in the center/ virtue: obedience, symbols: tetrahedron, cross, crook perfected work, throne. Magical image: king on a throne, loving father, mathematician, biblical expert, the cross in Christian worship /= solar origin in Egyptian solar circle with cross- symbolizing light above the horizon.  4 sacred elements,  4 corners of earth and heaven, 4 elements= fear— fear of Ra: death by fire,  Sut:earth terrors of earthquake, Shu: god of air—the hurricane/storms Uati goddess of water—fear of drowning—swallowed by water, universal deluge, - death-giving heat of Africa/Egypt—source of hell—4 Genii of Assyrian legend—lion/fire bull/earth Uster/Aquarius/Air Nettig/Eagle/ water heraldic emblems of China: Stag/ Phoenix Tortoise/ Dragon  4 elementals: Salamanders inhabit fire, Gnomes the Earth, Sylphs the air, Nymphs the water, “El in Egyptian is also the child, who was Sut in planetary type: Saturn, Later El was transformed into Satan, whom Job introduces as the son of god”. El or Elohim in Hebrew was the Supreme Deity—El is also the Child. – lord of hosts and angels—speaks in fire. Burning bush, burning walls, burning in stone,  etc…  

“the great antique heart how like a child in its simplicity…  heaven lies over him wherever he goes or stands on earth, making all the earth a mystic temple to him… angels yet hover doing God’s message among men.”—Thomas Carlysle  



1.  when light or dark is added, spiritual strength is given it

2. everything is either useful or the reverse

3. master in the treasure house of images

4. using images as algebraic symbols

5. resist gravity

6. drop out of sight  



justice/ tower of babel  god of the labyrinth – 2+3= 5 means life and sex, its color is pink, note: G  letters: H, N  Pink is not a flame—it shows collection/expression—lacks unity—

changeable yet fascinating, -- the collection of everything in life –love, and home—the library of experience—expression of soul and human brotherhood, sephiroth: Geburah-

strength, severity, justice, energy, courage. Tarot: 5= strife, loss in pleasure, defeat, earthly trouble, magic image: warrior in a chariot, rolodex, librarian, position: south tarot: Heirophant, palnet: Mercury/ Gemini/Virgo , dying god, starry night, Bible verse: I Cor. iii, 16, 5 is the number of intelligence, wisdom and the mental faculties, the 5 pointed starfish, primrose plant family, five petals—5 is the brain-box of numbers—BOOK- Ficcionies- Borges,  Herodotus regarded the labyrinth as more marvelous then the pyramids, the Egyptian labyrinth contained 3,000 chambers half above half below ground. Akashic records are the names, the numbers and the vibrations of names, God’s book of remembrance.                                                                                                         

“Musicians, break your blind instruments on the stage.”

              – Tristan Tzara, Proclamation without Pretension, 1920


1.      close off the vein

2.      use chaos like a racing form or shopping list

3.      wander down a path unseen



6=2 high priestess—Buddha nature, 6 means cosmic mother its color is scarlet /orange, and heliotrope, tone: A, tarot; Lovers, victory, Joy success, the heart..  place: Stonehenge, also the Devil; shame, guilt, vanity, Book of Gilgamesh, sephirah- tiphareth—beauty, archangel—Raphael. 6 is the center of equilibrium, creative energy/ material—duality/ male/female, passion, sexuality. Snowflakes: the 12 pointed natural division of a circle,  Bees, honeycombs 6-sided cell, flies, ants, ladybugs, daddy-long-legs, most insects= 6main projections--  hexagonal principle, the scorpion has six eyes/

“I am like the sun in the Gates—I give breath of life to Osiris. I have come like the Sun through the Gate of the Sun-goers, otherwise called the Scorpion.”—Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Matter was found in mud as a source of beginning, the Sacred Lotus grew from mud, blossomed in light. The Lotus flower symbolizes the perfect duality of life, breathing in and out of water, Isis was conceived smelling this flower, flower of breath, reproduction, symbol of the universe, the earth and Great Mother.  planet: Venus/Taurus/Libra, letter: W, O, U, V, s  day: Friday, six is the number representing material beauty and comfort, associated with the breast, solar plexus, Bible Verse: I Cor. vi, 19 strategy: Holds desires as a mother holds a child, a light to bring together humanity.

1.      what keeps it together

2.      comfort in the home

3.      find the quietness in the piece

4.  plant the seed



7=3 the empress / new testament/ divine world temple of the holy ghost/ memory of past events/ 7 means EARTH its joys and shadows, colors are purple, steel, brick and magenta, silver, lunar number,  Note: B,  Bible verse: Matt. iv, 5. Book: Popul Vuh, Eye of Horus/Eye of Shiva, place: Athens, Tarot: Tower, Chariot, divinity of the eternal feminine, book of the golden age, Pygmies, the cold magnetic force, 7 holds the memories of the Earth currents,-- it is ALL of astrology--   realizes the limitation of children, letter: Z, S, X, the superstition of change every 7 years,  “Horse-Chestnut tree” the Scarab beetle, the five senses and 2 eyes+ 2 ears+ 2 nostrils+ 1 mouth= 7, Eden is a symbol of the 7 great Stars, the 7 Stars of the Great Bear became spirits, genii, gods, planets, and endless 7’s, Olympus, Mt. Meru, bliss, nirvana, tree of knowledge, to see God and the future Zoraster drank a special potion which produced a trance for 7 days and nights, Zoraster describes 7 regions of the world founded on 7 heavens, a tree with 7 branches, John describes the 7 churches of Asia, , 7 branched candlestick, every symbol of esoteric philosophy is said to have 7 keys, Tower of Babel was called the temple of Seven Lights, 7 sons of the Egyptian god Ptah,  7 is the Celestial Ship, 7 is the number of Netzach, Victory, 7 rays of light from the eye of ra, 7 colors of the solar system, 7 tones,

“Sound and color are the same thing, but registered, one on the eye and one on the ear.”—Oahspe Bible p. 603.4  


1. change your palette

2. sculpture means something else



Enoch is the son of man, 8=0 the fool The names of all fallen angels are given “Book of Enoch”, p.82-89 SD, a third power foreshadowing the trinity, “Halleluiah” inscribed on a cup, 8 means free-forms, Ressurection, its color is canary, Note: C, Tarot: Justice/Star Book: Worlds in Collision- Velikovsky, inner eye, spirit, Day: Saturday, letters: H,P,F,  Ph, colors: black, dark grey, dark smoky blues, planet: Saturn/Capricorn/Aquarius, the beginning of a cycle outside of life, outside of time,  C is the musical note of Creation, the fundamental C created all things, the flame is canary,  8 builds structures, Sephira 8 is Hod, Glory, a vision of splendor,  Stone=Opal, the messenger of canary, 2 collects + 6 cosmic mother = freedom and resurrection, the Dahlia, represents 8 points of the compass (of Chinese origin) , symbol of the pyramid, the Union Jack, seal of Rome, spider has 8 eyes, 4large 4 small and 8 legs, The  Book of Enoch is quoted in the Zohar, and it calls itself “the Book of the revolutions of the luminaries of heaven” and is a treatise on astronomical mythology.

“As a sunflower turns to her god when he sets, The same look which she turned when he rose.”—Sir Thomas More



1.  to what are mutual attractions due?

2. uncertainty

4.      near is far way

5.      motionless, is something unexpected

6.      “using things as things, but not being used by things as things.”—Shuang Tzu



9=21 the World+ 22 the flood, or 15 the devil, desires, outgoing, objects that attract us in the external world, means free expression on all planes, the soul of things, color is RED, note D, yood=the hand, Tarot: the Hermit, imaginary place: Thelema,

“The most difficult thing of all is to see what is before your eyes.”


the Book of the Law, Zodiac- Virgo, /feminine, fertility, earth, the legend of Persephone, 9 is composed of all numbers but esp. 3 and 6, it is the highest vehicle of expression, and holds within itself the possibility of the first trinity, its no longer the flame of pure gold, it has added the blood of all nations and tribes, endeavors to express the feelings of every phase of humanity, always entertaining, at the same time a feeling of comradeship, even for the lowest. Red is the color of nine and is the blood of all mankind, with 9 the vibration the paths of life according to Pythagoras end. Deals with life and love on all planes, The message is to hold as a mother does, her family in the unity of the whole. 9 planet Mars/ Aries/Scorpio, vibrates positive. Sephiera 9 is Yesod, the foundation, the hero of god, color violet, the Vision of the Machinery of the Universe, 9 is the vibration of magic,  


1.      rest

2.      practice smoothing it out

3.      smoke

4.      change it back to how it was



10 is the last Judgment, it is all: one + 9, the world plus man,  represents spiritual balance, the illuminati, letters: Y,E,I, - the 10 is the holy Sephira- tree of life, this is the meeting of western and eastern traditions, the beginning of occultism – the buried past of Egypt, Sephira: Malkuth, known as the gate, the gate of death, gate of tears, the feet, the anus, oppression, success, ruin, wealth, color is yellow/black/ russet, olive, black flecked with gold,   


1.      bricks

2.      the letters and not the words



I am Osiris the God of Eternity—11 is the master number, 11 is exaltation, the height of all seen forms, colors: yellow and violet, white and black, NOTE: WHOL:E OCTAVE: C-C- 11=17 the star, number 11 represents the highest in everything found, mineral, animal, vegtable plane, inflexible as iron, never add 11 to make a digit-- 


1.      hallucination

2.      try a nightmare

3.      stepping on the devil’s tail



This is the house of Kaballa, the Magician—the 22 tarot, In this portal, Eternity is the map of an alphabet, a language of art and science, it is the design of the cosmos and is the design of man. Eternity is a portrait of god and action, the knowledge of acceptance, everything always in motion, this could be the launching pad, the house of beginnings…  

It is the map of the skies all the Zodiac—the twelve tribes of Israel, the beginning of law, and understanding, roots of philosophy gods brought to earth, earth brought to the gods. 

“Unity is the real Basis of occult science—physical and metaphysical”

—HP Blavatsky p.68 SD




3. into the desert



passing through the astral planes are the human beings who are on their way to reincarnation, this is the realm of all known and UNKNOWN worlds, the lake in the clouds, 13  is also infinity—person 1 inside of the trinity, 13 is the power center, the engine behind the great wheel, it is the accumulation of all debris and the big bang,  it is hell and damnation, decadence and rebirth, it vibrates all colors and sounds—is the clearing house of god’s cave. It is also the sound and the vibration that swallows everything- the voice of silence, the house of nothing.


KABALLAH / tree of life- descriptions of sephirah--

Sephira: Malkuth Meaning: Kingdom------- -------Planet: Cholem Yesodeth Element: earth--------(the Breaker of ------- the Foundations, sphere of the elements, the Earth)Briatic Colour: brown Number: 10------------- (citrine, russet-red,------ olive green, black)Magical Image: a young woman crowned and throned-------------Briatic Correspondence: stability ----------------------Illusion: materialism Obligation: discipline -------- ----------Virtue: discrimination Vice: avarice & inertia------ ----Qlippoth: stasis Command: keep silent-------- -------Spiritual Experience: Vision of the Holy Guardian Angel------Titles: The Gate; Gate of Death; Gate of Tears; Gate of Justice; ------ The Inferior Mother; Malkah, the Queen; Kallah, the Bride; the Virgin.------God Name: Adonai ha Aretz Archangel: Sandalphon-------- Adonai Malekh ---------Angel Order: Ishim-----------Keywords:the real world, physical matter, the Earth, Mother Earth, the physical elements, the natural world, sticks & stones, possessions, faeces, practicality, solidity, stability, inertia, heaviness, bodily death, incarnation.=============================================
Sephira: Yesod Meaning: Foundation------- -------Planet: Levanah (the Moon) Element: Aethyr-------------- -------Briatic Colour: purple Number: 9------------- ------ Magical Image: a beautiful man, very strong (e.g. Atlas) -------------Briatic Correspondence: receptivity, perception ----------------------Illusion: security Obligation: trust -------- ----------Virtue: independence Vice: idleness------ ----Qlippoth: zombieism, robotism Command: go! -------- ------- Spiritual Experience: Vision of the Machinery of the Universe --------------------Titles: The Treasure House of Images------God Name: Shaddai el Chai Archangel: Gabriel-------- --------- Angel Order: Cherubim----------Keywords: perception, interface, imagination, image, appearance, glamour, the Moon, the unconscious, instinct, tides, illusion, hidden infrastructure, dreams, divination, anything as it seems to be and not as it is, mirrors and crystals, the "Astral Plane", Aethyr, glue, tunnels, sex & reproduction, the genitals, cosmetics, instinctive magic (psychism), secret doors, shamanic tunnel. ===================
Sephira: Hod Meaning: Glory, Splendour------- -------Planet: Kokab (Mercury) Element: air------ -------Briatic Colour: orange Number: 8------------- ------ Magical Image: an hermaphrodite-------------Briatic Correspondence: abstraction----------------------Illusion: order Obligation: learn-------- ----------Virtue: honesty, truthfulness Vice: dishonesty------ ----Qlippoth: rigidity Command: will--------Spiritual Experience: Vision of Splendour------Titles: - ------God Name: Elohim Tzabaoth Archangel: Raphael-------- ---------Angel Order: Beni ElohimKeywords: reason, abstraction, communication, conceptualisation, logic, the sciences, language, speech, money (as a concept), mathematics, medicine & healing, trickery, writing, media (as communication), pedantry, philosophy, Kabbalah (as an abstract system), protocol, the Law, ownership, territory, theft, "Rights", ritual magic. ===========================================Sephira: Netzach Meaning: Victory, Firmness------- -------Planet: Nogah (Venus) Element: water-------------- -------Briatic Colour: green Number: 7------------- ------ Magical Image: a beautiful naked woman-------------Briatic Correspondence: nurture----------------------Illusion: projection Obligation: responsibility-------- ----------Virtue: unselfishness Vice: selfishness------ ----Qlippoth: habit, routine Command: know--------Spiritual Experience: Vision of Beauty Triumphant------Titles: -------God Name: Jehovah Tzabaoth Archangel: Haniel-------- --------- Angel Order: Elohim----------Keywords: passion, pleasure, luxury, sensual beauty, feelings, drives, emotions - love, hate, anger, joy, depression, misery, excitement, desire, lust; nurture, libido, empathy, sympathy, ecstatic magic. ============================================Sephira: Tipheret Meaning: Beauty------- -------Planet: Shemesh (the Sun) Element: fire-------------- -------Briatic Colour: yellow Number: 6------------- ------ Magical Image: a king, a child, a sacrificed god -------------Briatic Correspondence: centrality, wholeness---------------------- Illusion: identification Obligation: integrity-------- ----------Virtue: devotion to the Great Work Vice: pride, self-importance------ ----Qlippoth: hollowness Command: dare--------Spiritual Experience: Vision of Harmony -------------------- Titles: Melekh, the King; Zoar Anpin, the lesser countenance, the ------ Microprosopus; the Son; Rachamin, charity.God Name: Aloah va Daath Archangel: Michael-------- ---------Angel Order: Malachim-----------Keywords: harmony, integrity, balance, wholeness, the Self, self- importance, self-sacrifice, the Son of God, centrality, the Philospher's Stone, identity, the solar plexus, a King, the Great Work. ==========================================Sephira: Gevurah Meaning: Strength------- ------- Planet: Madim (Mars) -------------- Briatic Colour: red Number: 5------------- ------ Magical Image: a mighty warrior-------------Briatic Correspondence: power---------------------- Illusion: invincibility Obligation: courage & loyalty-------- ----------Virtue: courage & energy Vice: cruelty------ ----Qlippoth: bureaucracy --------Spiritual Experience: Vision of Power-------------------- Titles: Pachad, fear; Din, justice.------God Name: Elohim Gevor Archangel: Kamael-------- ---------Angel Order: Seraphim-----------Keywords: power, justice, retribution (eaten cold), the Law (in execution), cruelty, oppression, domination & the Power Myth, severity, necessary destruction, catabolism, martial arts. ===========================================Sephira: Chesed Meaning: Mercy------- -------Planet: Tzadekh (Jupiter)-------------- Briatic Colour: blue Number: 4------------- ------ Magical Image: a mighty king-------------Briatic Correspondence: authority---------------------- Illusion: being right Obligation: humility-------- (self-righteousness) ----------Virtue: humility & obedience Vice: tyranny, hypocrisy,------ ---- bigotry, gluttony Qlippoth: ideology--------Spiritual Experience: Vision of Love --------------------Titles: Gedulah, magnificence, love, majesty------God Name: El Archangel: Tzadkiel-------- ---------Angel Order: Chasmalim-----------Keywords: authority, creativity, inspiration, vision, leadership, excess, waste, secular and spiritual power, submission and the Annihilation Myth, the atom bomb, obliteration, birth, service. =========================================Non-Sephira: Daath Meaning: Knowledge----------- -------Daath has no manifest qualities and cannot be invoked directly.Keywords: hole, tunnel, gateway, doorway, black hole, vortex. =========================================Sephira: Binah Meaning: Understanding, ------- -------Planet: Shabbathai (Saturn) ------Briatic Colour: black Number: 3------------- ------ Magical Image: an old woman on a throne-------------Briatic Correspondence: comprehension ----------------------Illusion: death -------- Virtue: silence Vice: inertia------ ----Qlippoth: fatalism --------Spiritual Experience: Vision of Sorrow--------------------Titles: Aima, the Mother; Ama, the Crone; Marah, the bitter sea; Khorsia, the Throne; the Fifty Gates of Understanding; Intelligence; the Mother of Form; the Superior Mother.God Name: Elohim Archangel: Cassiel-------- ---------Angel Order: Aralim-----------Keywords: limitation, form, constraint, heaviness, slowness, old- age, infertility, incarnation, karma, fate, time, space, natural law, the womb and gestation, darkness, boundedness, enclosure, containment, fertility, mother, weaving and spinning, death (annihilation). ========================================Sephira: Chokhmah Meaning: Wisdom------- -------Planet: Mazlot (the Zodiac, the fixed stars)-------------- Briatic Colour: silver/white Number: 2------------- grey ------ Magical Image: a bearded man -------------Briatic Correspondence: revolution----------------------Illusion: independence -------- Virtue: good Vice: evil------ ----Qlippoth: arbitrariness --------Spiritual Experience: Vision of God face-to-face------Titles: Abba, the Father. The Supernal Father.------God Name: Jah Archangel: Ratziel -------- ---------Angel Order: Auphanim----------- Keywords: pure creative energy, lifeforce, the wellspring. ======================================Sephira: Kether Meaning: Crown------- -------Planet: Rashith ha Gilgalim (first swirlings, the Big Bang)-------------- Briatic Colour: pure white Number: 1------------- ------ Magical Image: a bearded man seen in profile------------- Briatic Correspondence: unity----------------------Illusion: attainment -------- Virtue: attainment Vice: --------- ----Qlippoth: futility -------- Spiritual Experience: Union with God--------------------Titles: Ancient of Days, the Greater Countenance (Macroprosopus), the White Head, Concealed of the Concealed, Existence of Existences, the Smooth Point, Rum Maalah, the Highest Point.God Name: Eheieh Archangel: Metatron-------- ---------Angel Order: Chaioth ha Qadesh-----------Keywords: unity, union, all, pure consciousness, God, the Godhead, manifestation, beginning, source, emanation



Consume my heart away; sick with desire and fastened to a dying animal, It knows not what it is...

W.B. Yeats

The most incomprehensible thing about the world is that it is comprehensible

 – Alfred Einsetin

From a fluxus art site:

You're in grey space...

Hell is oneself,
Hell is alone, the other figures in it
Merely projections. There is nothing to escape from
And nothing to escape to. One is always alone.
W B Yeats

Here there is no hope, and consequently no duty, no work, nothing to be gained by praying, nothing to be lost by doing what you like. Hell, in short, is a place where you have nothing to do but amuse yourself.
George Bernard Shaw

And nothing to look backward to with pride,
And nothing to look forward to with hope.
Robert Frost

The things that have come into being change continually. The man with a good memory remembers nothing because he forgets nothing.
Augusto Roa Bastos

A "modern" man has nothing to add to modernism, if only because he has nothing to oppose it with. The well-adapted drop off the dead limb of time like lice.
–Elias Canetti

It takes a lot of time to be a genius, you have to sit around so much doing nothing, really doing nothing.
Gertrude Stein

To attempt the destruction of our passions is the height of folly. What a noble aim is that of the zealot who tortures himself like a madman in order to desire nothing, love nothing, feel nothing, and who, if he succeeded, would end up a complete monster!
Denis Diderot

In America nothing dies easier than tradition.
–Russell Baker

The problems of the world, AIDS, cancer, nuclear war, pollution, are, finally, no more solvable than the problem of a tree which has borne fruit: the apples are overripe and they are falling-what can be done? . . . Nothing can be done, and nothing needs to be done. Something is being done -- the organism is preparing to rest.
– David Mamet

All things change, nothing is extinguished. . . . There is nothing in the whole world which is permanent. Everything flows onward; all things are brought into being with a changing nature; the ages themselves glide by in constant movement.

There is nothing fiercer than a failed artist. The energy remains, but, having no outlet, it implodes in a great black fart of rage which smokes up all the inner windows of the soul. Horrible as successful artists often are, there is nothing crueler or more vain than a failed artist.
Erica Jong

For me, it is as though at every moment the actual world had completely lost its actuality. As though there was nothing there; as though there were no foundations for anything or as though it escaped us. Only one thing, however, is vividly present: the constant tearing of the veil of appearances; the constant destruction of everything in construction. Nothing holds together, everything falls apart.
Eugene Ionesco

Language is a form of human reason, which has its internal logic of which man knows nothing.
–Claude Levi-Strauss


To The People of Earth

Proper evaluation of words and letters

In their phonetic and associated sense

Can bring the peoples of earth

Into the clear light of Pure Cosmic Wisdom.

-- Sun Ra


What do a few lies on TV matter? They can be swallowed, digested and excreted, or follow people when they doze off to sink into oblivion.
-- Zhang Jie

All my life I believed I knew something. But then one strange day came when I realized that I knew nothing, yes, I knew nothing. And so words became void of meaning . . . I have arrived too late at ultimate uncertainty.
– Ezra Pound

Last night, party at Lansdowne-House. Tonight, party at Lady Charlotte Greville's - deplorable waste of time, and something of temper. Nothing imparted - nothing acquired - talking without ideas - if any thing like thought in my mind, it was not on the subjects on which we were gabbling. Heigho! - and in this way half London pass what is called life.
– Lord Byron

There is a literature that does not reach the voracious mass. It is the work of creators, issued from a real necessity in the author, produced for himself. It expresses the knowledge of a supreme egoism, in which laws wither away. Every page must explode, either by profound heavy seriousness, the whirlwind, poetic frenzy, the new, the eternal, the crushing joke, enthusiasm for principles, or by the way in which it is printed. On the one hand a tottering world in flight, betrothed to the glockenspiel of hell, on the other hand: new men. Rough, bouncing, riding on hiccups. Behind them a crippled world and literary quacks with a mania for improvement…

-Tristan Tzara,  Dada Manifesto 1918


To see the world in a grain of sand, and to see heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hands, and eternity in an hour.

n      William Blake


Every situation, every moment -- is of infinite worth; for it is the representative of a whole eternity.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


·        "Oh, Lisa, is that too spicy for you?
"I can see through time!"
--Marge and Lisa, "The Simpsons"


·        As if you could kill time without injuring eternity. --Thoreau

·        Behind Me — dips Eternity —
Before Me — Immortality —
Myself — the Term between —
--Emily Dickinson

·        But now I have learned to listen to silence. To hear its choirs singing the song of ages, chanting the hymns of space, and disclosing the secrets of eternity. --Kahlil Gibran

·        Does thou love life? Then do not squander time; for that's the stuff life is made of. --Benjamin Franklin

·        Each one stands on the heart of the earth, impaled by a ray of sunlight. And suddenly, it's evening. --S. Quasimodo

·        Every action in our lives touches on some chord that will vibrate in eternity. --Edwin Hubbel Chapin

·        In the midst of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer. --Albert Camus

·        Let not the sands of time get in your lunch.

·        Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. --Rodin

·        The roaring of lions, the howling of wolves, the raging of the stormy sea, and the destructive sword, are portions of eternity too great for the eye of man. --William Blake

·        The time you enjoy wasting is not wasted time. --Bertrand Russell

·        Time is a drug. Too much of it kills you.

·        Time is a sort of river of passing events, and strong is its current; no sooner is a thing brought to sight than it is swept by and another takes its place, and this too will be swept away. --Marcus Aurelius

·        Time is the fire in which we burn. --Gene Roddenberry

·        Time is the best teacher. Unfortunately, it kills all its pupils. --Hector-Louis Berlioz

·        Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity. --Henry Van Dyke

·        Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it. --Leonardo Da Vinci

·        To see the world in a grain of sand,
and to see heaven in a wild flower,
hold infinity in the palm of your hands,
and eternity in an hour.
--William Blake, "Auguries of Innocence"

·        Twilight has always seemed like God's indrawn breath, a pause in the progression of time. --Emilie Richards

·        Wasting time won't make any difference to eternity.

·        We cannot waste time. We can only waste ourselves. --George M. Adams

All we see and all we seem,
Is but a dream within a dream.
--E. A. Poe, "Dream Within a Dream"

To reveal a new world

is the function of creation

in all the arts,

 but the act of creation

defies analysis—

--Edgar Varese The Liberation of Sound 1959

A way to the very portal to the bar that divides man from Eternity

n      Ferruccio Busoni, Sketch of a new Esthetic of Music, 1911

The supreme eye, the supreme ear grasps the whole

n      Stefan Wolpe Thinking Twice, 1959



That Only the Mind’s Eye Can See.

Open Your Ears so that you can see


-- Sun Ra

The concept of ritual is the highest possible function, because the ritual is an affirmation of our existence—Anthony Braxton Meta-Reality of Creative Music 1988



The ear participates and helps arrange marriages,

The eye has already made love with what it sees

n      Rumi


I give you the end of the golden string,

Only wind it into a ball, it will lead you in at Heaven’s Gate

Built in Jerusalem’s wall

—William Blake, Jerusalem




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