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"Blastitude" is a word coined by Angus MacLise, original drummer of the Velvet Underground and quite possibly the coolest hippie of all time. (cf. track four of his posthumous CD release The Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda, released by Siltbreeze/Quakebasket. Click HERE for immediate cf'ing.)

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by Tony Rettman
A talk with Kyle Nixon, frontman for
Proto-est of Proto Hardcore Punk bands."

Dylan Nyoukis calls up Alvarius B
A transatlantic, trans-satanic conceptual
telephone convo between these two effed-up
and collaborative musical minds.

Simply Saucer
by Gary Pig Gold
Hail Fuckin' Canada! The one and only Gary Pig Gold drops science about one of the most Blastitudinous
bands of all time. With special bonus track: Mr. Pig
Gold recommends 10 you may have missed in 2002.

by "Metal" Larry Dolman
What the hell is this, a new column?
Who is the Reverend Norb anyway?

Larry Dolman . . . "Live!!!!"
by Larry "Fuzz-O" Dolman
What, two columns now for Fuzz-O? Who does he think he is, the founder/publisher/editor/writer? (Or some shit?)

Living Like Burt Reynolds
on a Mac Davis Income

by Tony Rettman
Our progressive rock editor regales
you with tales of his latest finds.

On the Town
with Sir Reggie Queequeg
Our progressive foolishness editor regales
you with tales of his latest foolish finds.

Music for Neighbors
by Jared Stanley
Our musique de femme editor regales you with tales of
how smitten he is with the new Aislers Set album.

On Rock Music
by Joe S. Harrington
Aerosmith Rocks is just that good,
and Pavement doesn't quite totally suck.

Audio Fever!
by Jimmy Fielding
A new columnist regales you with
feverish tales of audio . . . nuttiness?

by Tom Elko and Tedward Fitzhume
More new columnists!! And they're POLITICAL to boot! The world, and believe me, I mean the whole world, needs more columnists to convince you to get George Walker Bush's ass out of DODGE!!! (Vote Kucinich. No wait, don't vote Kucinich, it's a few months later and the media has annointed him with "no chance." Vote who, Dean? Isn't that always the problem? But check out Kucinich,
he's good.) (
No wait, it's a few months later, VOTE KERRY, of course. And make sure you have a paper 'receipt' of your vote if your state uses a touch-screen voting machine. THESE NEW TOUCH-SCREEN MACHINES ARE NOT TO BE TRUSTED. DEMAND A PAPER RECEIPT OF YOUR VOTE. CALL YOUR STATE VOTING DEPARTMENT TODAY to see if they'll be using touch-screens in November, and if they are, make sure that a paper receipt will be available. Remember Florida in 2000? Well if the count is close again in 2004 (and it will be) the Republican-led Supreme Court will just step in and say "Of course there's no need for a recount. Computers are always right. And it's all the Democrats fault. Now go back to looking at Britney Spears and talking about whoever's right breast is in the news this week."

An Ass Con
New!!!! The Blastitude Humor Page!!!!
by the Usual Gang of Idiots.

Title: Radio Parade-ee-oh!
Free 103 point 9 did this wild radio environment/
installation/event . . . and Jim "Chinaman"
Jimjammer (not his real name) was there!

Record Reviews
pg. 15: 7 Year Rabbit Cycle, Algebrassiere, Arnoux, Avarus, Barnacled, Big Techno Werewolves/Hans Grüsel's Kränkenkabinet, Black Flag, David Bowie
pg. 16: Tyondai Braxton, Brazen Hussies, Bromp Treb Sound System, Burning Star Core, Coachwhips, Alice Coltrane, Death Beam
pg. 17: Drawing Room, Duvet Cover, Bob Dylan with the Band, Emergency String Quintet, Flaming Fire, Floid Matrix, Friends Forever, Get Hustle, Hair Police, July Fourth Toilet, Khanate, Life Rocks!, Lightning Bolt, Luv Rokambo, Albert Marcoeur, Metallica, Mindflayer, The Moglass
pg. 18: Mr. Mlitter, Mukai Chie and Yamamoto Sei'ichi with Lamones Young, Naturaliste, Nice Nice, No Neck Blues Band, Noggin, Noxagt, Nutrition Fun, OCS, Parts & Labor, Pengo, Pig Exam, Pink + Brown, Robert Poss, Princess Sweepstakes, Pushovers
pg. 19: RH Band, Roxy Music, Rubber O Cement, Scutopus, The SB, Sightings, The Slasher Film Festival Strategy, Slaw, Milovan Srdenovic, Sun City Girls, Sunburned Hand of the Man, U Can Unlearn Guitar, USAISAMONSTER, V.
pg. 20: Assult With Insults, Bulb Singles #1, Heat & Birds, The Invisible Pyramid, Progresso Soup, SNSE Fall Sampler 2002, Spoken Word By Noise Artists, Sun Records Collection, Waterbloop/Joezef K, Wolf Eyes, Words of the Encryption Convict, Jack Wright & Bob Marsh, Michael Yonkers Band, Zartan, Zeehas; 12 Wait, Ziegenbock Kopf

Other Reviews
Dolman's Book (and Magazine) Nook,
reviews by Chris Moon, and John C. Ruhter; Justin Firestone's "DVDs I Own And Why."

Bulbfest 2003!!!
by C.M. Bligablum
Fuck, I mean, THANK Pete Larson, for flying the fucked-up flag for TEN YEARS with his rock'n'roll label Bulb Records. In April he put on a two-night rock show festival to celebrate this anniversary . . . and C.M. Bligablum was THERE!!!!!!!!!!

The Emil Beaulieau/Prurient/
Immaculate:Grotesque Tour! 2003!

by Chris Sienko
More show reportage, this time on the
Chicago stop of the noise tour of the century!

Chicago Show Report
by Larry "Fuzz-O" Dolman
And yet more show reportage by the founder/publisher/writer/editor! And
that's it for this insane ish! Whew.








Larry "Fuzz-O" Doman in Kenosha, Wisconsin, 2002

Hi, name's Dolman. This is my mag, it's called Blastitude. Yeah, that's right, Dolman, D-O-L-M-A-N. A lot of people don't seem to know my name. Or maybe they're just a little spooked -- yeah, that's it, spooked -- by how their entire indie-hipster world, or anti-indie-hipster world, has crumbled . . . yeah, that's it, crumbled. Like Feta motherfucking Cheese. Anyway you can call me Larry, you can call me Dolman, you can call me "Fuzz-O." Just don't call me at home.

Here's something that'll make you crumble . . . into a little ball, unable to say any words other than the phrase, "Oh, how cute!" over and over again. What's that, you don't like baby pictures? Well to hell with ya, you're getting a BABY PICTURE. The first ever Blastitude Baby, born April 18, 2003, meet Phillip Lynott Dolman ("Fuss-O"):

His favorite album of all time will be either Thin Lizzy Johnny the Fox, Iron Maiden Iron Maiden, or Metallica Ride the Lightning, hard to say yet.

Or maybe his favorite album will be something by the Animal Collective, or by Forcefield, or Lightning Bolt Wonderful Rainbow, for the cover art alone . . .

Seriously, though, I don't know if I can keep making issues this voluminous with a baby in the house. Therefore, I've decided to change things up. From now on, Blastitude is going to be updated here and there when stuff gets done. If I write a record review, I'm going to put it up! If I write an essay or even a "thinkpiece," I'm just going to put it up. If Rettman or Harrington or you or etc. submit a killer interview or "thinkpiece," I'm just gonna put it up. There should be updates an average of once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. Sometimes the updates will be big, sometimes they might just be couple paragraphs. I know it sounds like a blog but it won't be a blog. I know it sounds a little like Pitchfork but I'll actually be writing about interesting music (see the genre list at the top of this page) with good humor rather than the indie-rock status quo music with indie-smug humor.
      There will have to be some sort of redesign. My concept for Blastitude has always been to design it and present it like a full-color glossy paper mag, complete with a front cover. No animation, no flashing ads, none of that stuff. I like it, so it will still work pretty much the same. There might not be anymore front covers though . . . we'll see. I'll miss doing the 'one voluminous issue at a time' thing, pretending it was a real glossy paper magazine, but if printed out those issues were actually around 200 pages each, and that's just too much work and it's taking too long for all the people who send me new records and expect a review sooner than later. But anyway, give me a couple weeks, or a month, and then we'll see what kind of new look we'll have.



Tom Price Update

Hey Blastitude;

From a letter I recently received from Tom Price, with whom I made contact while preparing a piece on the reappearance of bassist Henry Grimes:

"I am still playing, not as much as I used to, but I am still with it. I have been teaching for the past 32 years at the Newark School of the Arts. Over the years I have worked with some talented kids."

Henry's interview is posted on our website if you want to check it out: www.signaltonoisemagazine.org

All best;
pete gershon / SIGNAL to NOISE

Comments, recommendations, complaints, submissions: blastitude@hotmail.com

Any music/tapes/books/artifacts/records/documents for consideration should be mailed to Blastitude @ 2101 N. Mozart St., 1st Floor, Chicago, IL 60647 USA

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